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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Anglia Ruskin University

I am only at the university once every two weeks- I am based in Chelmsford. But, I think it is an amazing environment. Lots of green, a good city to be in. There’s even a police station nearby in case a crime happens. The lecturers are rather helpful too and I think the university would be a safe campus for people to go to. read full review
Best Aspect - The location of the Universis Very good and easily accessible to many students. They arrange Guest Lectures from real background which is good motivation for the international students.The reputation is also one of the advantage for international students. It helps us to prepare for real working life and it has linguistic diversity.

Worst Aspect is - The whole system is kind of dis organised.Most of the students don't even know what is happening in another part of the university. They should focus more on developing new partnership and collaboration with companies and other institution, business in order to achieve it's mission read full review
The best acpect of the university is the course itself. The subject they are offering is very nice. and professors which those are dealing with are really great.

Another important thing is campus. It ofers everthing. Great library, great student union and all read full review
I'm overwhelming happy to study in ARU read full review
It really good place to study read full review
One of the best university and teachers to everyone are nice read full review
The best aspects are the student union and the student life. Although what is not worst but could be better is the existing accomodation crisis read full review
The best experience would be the campus feel and support from students union. The scholarship and other fee schemes too

The worst scheme would be some seminars have tutors with an accent I’m unable to catch up and hard to keep up with the module read full review

MSc Brand Management


Harmya Mol - February 2023

It's international student friendly university but the communication of programs towards students is really less. read full review