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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Anglia Ruskin University

The university is really good. However the classes are online so we do not get an opportunity to meet with people and explore the campus experience. We are currently meeting over zoom chats and organize watch parties and study groups. These are quite entertaining but it would have been much better if we could go to campus.
Faculty members are very supportivs and helf us with queries at any time. read full review
my experience so far has been so smooth and enjoyable , I get adequate support through out my process
I can say so far the support system has been nothing but amazing . read full review
I would tell most students to avoid. I cannot speak to the social aspect as I keep to myself, but I’ll tell you that if I was ever placed in a hiring role, I wouldn’t believe that a prospective employee knew anything about the subject of their ARU degree. Overall, I’d say this place is a scam and I haven’t learned a single thing. read full review
Up until now, my experience with the students and even the teachers is going good. And all this depends on a student, that how he/she interact with his/her module leader and what amount of time he contributes. But i think student interaction should be enhanced. read full review
experience so far is good and challenging read full review
Absence of clarity in the processes, not satisfied with grades for certain courses, where feedback or comments not provided. Some teachers do not have a practical experience outside of University read full review
Splendid. I am glad i choose the university. School environment is warm and study materials/ library availability is really adequate.
Timetable is well structured. read full review
While applying for this masters course, I did fill up the application form over many institutions. As my credentials were good, I got offer letters from all of them including huge scholarships. Now I repent, why did I chose Anglia Ruskin over Cardiff University Wales and Middlesex University London.

The agents of ARU blatantly lied and misguided me when I met them at the Educational Fair in the Grand Hotel, Calcutta, India.

I made some good friends here, but had I got the chance to start from the beginning again, I would have definitely chosen Cardiff University over ARU. read full review
It has been a smooth road so far, the lectures have been okay and it’s understandable. The library is quiet resourceful, and the accommodation is really peaceful. read full review