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Anglia Ruskin University

By ,Written on Feb 17 , 2020

Public Health MSc

Overall Rating

While applying for this masters course, I did fill up the application form over many institutions. As my credentials were good, I got offer letters from all of them including huge scholarships. Now I repent, why did I chose Anglia Ruskin over Cardiff University Wales and Middlesex University London.

The agents of ARU blatantly lied and misguided me when I met them at the Educational Fair in the Grand Hotel, Calcutta, India.

I made some good friends here, but had I got the chance to start from the beginning again, I would have definitely chosen Cardiff University over ARU.

Student Union

Anglia Ruskin University is a new and developing institution. The performance of the SU in the above-mentioned terms needs huge improvement in comparison to the Russell Group of Universities.

Clubs and Societies

The sports facility is not free for the students. They loves to collect money and that also in an hourly basis -- 9 pounds / hour.

The gym is also not free. And no arrangement for Football and Cricket -- the two main sports.

Uni Facilities

Except the library, nothing is good. Anglia Ruskin is far, far behind than the Russell Group of Univs.

Course and Lecturers

Most of the teachers are from Asia and Africa; there are very few from the UK.

Now regarding the way of teaching, the professors are relieved just after 3 hours of lectures per week. We had to revise the subjects with the madams at the Study Skills Plus inside the library. This SSP is really excellent, helping the students thoroughly.

With regards to the core modules and subjects, we did request to change some of the subjects and follow those in the Russell Group of institutions, but all in vain.

City Life

The location of the main campuses of ARU Chelmsford is not too far from the accommodation facilities and local amenities. But as I have said in the last section, justified housing options are far from the college.

Job Prospects

There is an Employment Bureau, but they are good at nothing. Rather, they are experts in ironical comments and misbehaviour towards the students from Asia.

After graduation, Anglia Ruskin University takes no responsibility at all for the work placements of their students, or helping them to obtain Tier 2 UK working visa.

Student Support

The academic tutors are expert in mainly 2 things --
1. Monumental mismanagement,
2. Terrific harassment.
If I start mentioning their deeds, I would not be able to complete it before tomorrow morning; that's why I am not going into the details.

The personal tutor has been okay, and the mental support and counselling services in the SU building, working with SSP is also nice.

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