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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Arden University

Really supportive tutors. All the information is available readily. Engaging classes and the mix of cultures gives you a festive feeling daily. Great campus in the heart of the city. read full review

MSc Psychology (BPS)


Izadora - March 2022

I don’t think the support for the students is there, always during lectures there’s IT issues, feel that they a not prepared read full review
Arden is a great uni in general. Some learning materials should be updated as they are out of date and contain errors. Also, some of the lecturers are not engaging properly with the students. Other than that it’s a good experience studying at Arden. read full review
I feel like this university is a great way to get back into learning no matter how long it has been. I did enjoy the flexibility of being able to do my lesson from home when unable to attend class however this is finishing soon. There isn’t really any student life due to the nature of the way the subjects are taught. I can’t wait to finish my course and see what the next steps are available to me. read full review
Arden provides the structure needed combined with flexibility to study anywhere. Everything runs well and any issues are sorted out quickly read full review
I don’t have anything to add read full review
The campus I'm at, in Ealing is very quiet which for me makes a great place to study. Student support needs to improve a little bit, but i guess its a new campus and in time I hope will improve read full review
The lecturers and module leaders are really helpful however student support leaves a lot to be desired, I struggled in my first year to get straight answers regarding my course. Can't fault the tutors though! read full review
Arden University has two campus locations within the Birmingham City area. The location is one of it's best features as it is easily accessible with public transport along with various amenities within the area that can also accommodate for travelling with your own vehicle.

Although they have recently opened their second campus they still lack basic facilities to accommodate students working. There are not enough computers to allow the students to work on the university campus. Don't get me wrong there are computers but this is insufficient for the amount of students they have.

The working calendar for students is one of the downsides especially if you have children as you can guarantee that your week off will be either before or after the school holidays. This can be extremely frustrating to accommodate for childcare.

Additionally, some of the lectures do not teach for the full length of time that they are allocated and paid for. Not to mention some of their very questionable teaching methods. This is an area that defiantly needs improvement.

The worst part of the university is by far the student support services. There have been numerous occasions that they have failed to answer basic questions. The telephone lines may as well not exist as you are lucky if it is answered upon calling for help. Their online chat feature mostly constitutes to send us an email responses which in some cases takes 7 days for a reply by which time the problem has either passed or it has become too late to rectify.
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