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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Arden University

I am very nearly at the end of my MBA now, and at times it has been hard and i have wanted to walk away . However with the flexibility and support of Arden this has allowed me to continue and grow in confidence that i can do this. I would highly recommend Arden University. read full review
I have got so much out of doing this course. It has been challenging, enjoyable, and is changing and shaping my career and practice as a manager and has done since my very first module. read full review

MSc Project Management (APM)


Student Reviewer - June 2018

Overall, my university experience at Arden has been able to meet my study goals thus far. The study materials are readily available and accessible. I feel at home and can easily get feedback from my lecturer. The learning environment is also collaborative. read full review
I am very positively surprised by the quality of the learning material, assessments and the tutors. The material is very much up-to-date and all assessments have been very relevant so far. It is a great experience so far. read full review
Very good experience, assignments can be stressful, especially when deadlines are close since there are no tutors to remind you of this. But it helps with time management. read full review

MA Human Resource Management


Maurizio Minunni - April 2018

It would have been positive, but the only bad tutors manage half the modules. They have such a large impact that it turns into a very unsatisfying and frustrating experience. read full review

MSc Psychology (BPS)


Victoria Stakelum - February 2018

Well its hard to be completely objective as I work here. However, overall I have been genuinely impressed with the experience, which has been far better than I was expecting (I've been very strict to interact with it all as a genuine student and put my staff status to one side). I'm really enjoying the course enormously. Don't be scared by the induction (which is pretty full on) - once you get into the module itself the resources are really engaging and dead easy to work through and the assignment briefings are really clear. read full review

MSc Psychology (BPS)


Katarina Widrig - January 2018

It is not an easy start as it's a new subject area for me, a new form of learning (distance learning ) and the first module does not appeal to me. But I am motivated. read full review

MA Strategic Marketing (CIM)


Danielle Norris - January 2018

As a remote student I have been impressed with the university so far. The student support are brilliant and the course content is really interesting. The online library is very extensive which is useful as I primarily live abroad with limited access to a physical library. read full review

MSc Data Analytics and IT Security Management


Joe William Zeume Kapso - January 2018

Good!!Since the beginning of my training I feel pretty well motivated by the content and the practical and professional orientation of the training. I wish that continues, may I also find that the homework is a little vague and complex since I work on the first module. read full review