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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Arden University

MSc Psychology (BPS)


Rachael - September 2022

I am so disappointed to see that many students have had a similar experience. Disorganised, poor teaching, lack of support, terrible communication (can't get through on phone, weeks without responses to email, very little written in clear good English...), the list could go on. For me personally- took over a month and constant emails and 3 attempts at sending the appropriate forms to get myself withdrawn; cannot seem to obtain my Pg certificate for passing 3 modules; was told I owed nearly £3000, made a payment, then am being told I'm due a refund and need to complete more forms and wait more weeks upon weeks for my money back.
Appalling and so, so stressful. My experiences with brick Universities and the OU have been far superior. read full review
Do not waste your money at Arden specially if your aim is to have a quality education.

They will keep phoning you until they get the payment, once the payment is done. They will not bother about replying your emails.

And dont trust them when they say you will get the refund. It's a trap! read full review
It saddens me the most to state that I have had the worst experience of my life with Arden. The moment I applied and got an offer letter from Arden, different people started to call me on a regular basis. Sometimes I would feel disturbed by their calls. They eventually managed to convince me to pay 1000 euros to secure the seat and I was told that I can apply for a refund just in case I changed my mind. I have got the phone call records, and emails with me as proof.

A few days later, I got an offer from a US university, hence I talked to my program advisor and she instructed me to apply for a refund. I applied for the refund with a US offer letter, appointment letter, DS-160 form, and everything. It has been ages since I made the refund with a legit reason and I have not heard from anyone yet where I was told that I would get my refund within 30-40 days. I kept sending emails to my program advisor named Sameera Bhanu, she just is not bothered about my emails. I have sent tons of emails to her, the admin panel, and none of them are bothered about my issue.

Once you are done with the payment, they are done with you. Keep yourself away if you encounter any Indian as your program advisor, they are more like the scammers. I am going to go for the legal action against them, just to help people not to make a bad decision like I did. The term runs for profit perfectly fits with Arden.

Guys, if your aim is to get a good education, AVOID ARDEN!! read full review
Being a Distance Learner, the classes scheduling and the materials provide are very good and so easy to work with. The online interactions and the forums provide by the Lecturers are just superb. read full review
Really supportive tutors. All the information is available readily. Engaging classes and the mix of cultures gives you a festive feeling daily. Great campus in the heart of the city. read full review

MSc Psychology (BPS)


Izadora - March 2022

I don’t think the support for the students is there, always during lectures there’s IT issues, feel that they a not prepared read full review
Arden is a great uni in general. Some learning materials should be updated as they are out of date and contain errors. Also, some of the lecturers are not engaging properly with the students. Other than that it’s a good experience studying at Arden. read full review
I feel like this university is a great way to get back into learning no matter how long it has been. I did enjoy the flexibility of being able to do my lesson from home when unable to attend class however this is finishing soon. There isn’t really any student life due to the nature of the way the subjects are taught. I can’t wait to finish my course and see what the next steps are available to me. read full review
Arden provides the structure needed combined with flexibility to study anywhere. Everything runs well and any issues are sorted out quickly read full review
The lecturers and module leaders are really helpful however student support leaves a lot to be desired, I struggled in my first year to get straight answers regarding my course. Can't fault the tutors though! read full review