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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Arden University

MSc Psychology (BPS)


Krisztina - February 2022

The lecturers are well knowledge and most of them are helpful, some of them have a great humour which make easier to understand and remember the materials.Every terms I met new ideas how to learn easier and effective which changed my strategies which helpful.The hard ship department also supported me that I have a new laptop to do my essays and reports which I could not do it, if I did not get help regards unaccepted circumstances.The material is not easy, even it looks like.You need to study consistently anyway great chance to not pass.I love it because that was the only chance to do my Master as a full time employee , a mother of a 4 years old boy and a new born girl.It is a great challenge but I believe the methods and knowledge what I learn will help to understand more the people living with disabilities and I support them through my work and in my family life. read full review


Michael - November 2021

The university staff have been very helpful and professional in dealing with me and the challenges that my disabilities have caused. I cannot rate the staff highly enough.

The university is still a new university and is growing and becoming a recognised brand and is challenging the more traditional distance learning universities. I am proud to be a student at Arden University. read full review
In Arden Knowledge is power so is students safety and good environment. My experience in Arden thought me the importance of studying in a comfortable and safe environment, the lecturer student interaction is excellent. read full review


Michael - October 2021

The lectures delivered have been delivered so comprehensively and very meticulously. The lecturer is well knowledgeable in the field and is really very friendly and accommodating in answering questions. Enough assistance channels have been made available by the university to students in order for students to get help and assistance with ease in any area they might face challenges. Overall, learning us are very interesting and easy as a result of the operation and system of the university read full review

MSc Psychology (BPS)


Rebecca - October 2021

By the end of my third year. Only 2 people was left out of a large group. They either quit or transferred to another university. Of us two left I know both of us didn't do our dissertations and both sent countless mails to be ignored until it was too late. read full review


Olga - October 2021

My experience it’s been the worse, I completely lost one year of my life in this “university “ please don’t fool like me as England has better universities. Also I lost my maintenance loaned because the student finance department send the wrong information to the England student finance so they couldn’t continue with my application because my university told them I’m no longer a student. Absolutely a joke the personal working there as they are unable to help you with anything read full review


Kelly - October 2021


I started studying with Arden over a year and a half ago. I was extremely excited at the prospect. I have always loved studying (sounds nerdy I know).

I have been consistently let down by the university. I have had multiple reviews of essays with completely contradictory feedback to the point it felt impossible to complete successful work.

This continued until I was mentally exhausted and decided to with draw form the course. I found out today that it seems the uni had actively withheld the information of my withdrawal from SFE. I have received a lot of strange emails from the university after my student withdrawal. There have been boards to confirm my results of modules which have been read full review


Jack - August 2021

I am still expecting a refund from the finance department and no one is getting back to me. Not a great course and content.
The overall experience has not been a good one. read full review
As an International Student who has past experiences with other Institutions, I was impressed with how Arden University (Berlin Campus) supported me throughout my application process till even after enrolment.

They have been very supportive to me especially which I think other international students would gladly attest to this.

Related to academics, the various module tutors I've had encounters with so far are professional and courteous in dealing with students. Although studying ain't easy, It seems so because they dedicate most of their time to ensuring that students bring out the best in them so we can fit perfectly in desired industries after graduation.

There are also activities outside classes which makes we the students have a feel of social life as well.

In all, Arden University(Berlin Campus) has the ability in grooming its students with a comfortable university life. read full review


Ayodeji - July 2021

Each module handling preparation and implementation online has been very business like and mostly hitch free. However, quality of iLearn lessons and involvement of the tutors in the preparations may need to be more to keep material up to date.

Turn around time for assignments assessment has been good too and tutor feedback except in one module. My opinion is that the the time allotted to completing each module should not be less than two months.

Training on industry relevant tools has been less than good in my opinion. Only python without its basic training was offered and I couldn't take much from this. read full review