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Postgraduate Article Search

Postgraduate Article Search

Find the Right PGCE Course for You

If you already have a degree, but you’re set on teaching as a career in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, then a PGCE is more than likely the route for you. If you know the age group and/or subject...

02nd November 2012

Why do a Postgraduate Degree in Business?

Business is a highly competitive area, which is why a postgraduate degree is an especially good idea if you want to succeed. They aren’t exclusively for those with an undergraduate degree in Business...

02nd November 2012

Why do a Postgraduate Degree in Pharmacology?

Studying Pharmacology at postgraduate level will allow a graduate of science or medicine to focus on the effects of chemical substances on biological states and processes, and develop the knowledge...

29th October 2013

Postgraduate Law Career Choices

Solicitor There are around 140,000 practising solicitors in most towns across the UK. Many specialise in areas such as business law, conveyancing, litigation and family law, probate, crim...

03rd June 2013

Why do a Postgraduate Degree in Learning Theory?

Postgraduate Learning Theory Courses are a great way for professionals working in education, medicine, law and sociology to expand their knowledge and expertise in a specific area. A large p...

03rd June 2013
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