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Postgraduate Article Search

Master's Degrees - Key Information

What is a Master’s Degree? A Master’s degree is a type of postgraduate qualification that can be either taught or research-based. Courses are typically a year long and often culminate in a disserta...

02nd October 2020

11 Ways to Improve Your Essay Writing

Whether you’re tucking in to a 2000-word essay or making a start on a 16,000-word dissertation, your essay writing technique is an absolutely crucial part of the university process. We all know that w...

26th August 2020

5 Reasons to Study a Master's Degree

Whether you’re nearing the end of your undergrad or you graduated several years ago, the decision to do a Master’s degree is not always an easy one. If you’re looking for some positives to help justif...

01st July 2020

What is a PGDip?

Want to head back to the classroom after completing your undergraduate degree, but not sure what type of postgraduate degree is right for you? You might want to consider a Postgraduate Diploma (als...

21st February 2020

This is What it’s Like to Study a Marketing Management Postgrad

We spoke to Marilyn Osgathorpe, a former postgrad on Plymouth University’s MSc in Marketing Management Strategy, to find out more about what this type of course has to offer... An MSc in Marketing ...

09th December 2015

How to Finance Your Master's Degree

If you’re worrying about how to finance your Master’s degree, you’re almost certainly not alone. Moving on to postgraduate study after your Bachelor’s means that you no longer have a student loan to f...

14th July 2014

5 Time Management Tips for PhD Students

Time management isn’t easy. This little fact is probably something you learned while studying for your undergrad – planning when to write your dissertation or revise for your finals, for instance – an...

15th July 2014

What is a PhD?

A PhD (or Doctor of Philosophy) is an academic research degree that acts as both a gateway and an introduction to the world of research and academia. PhDs typically last for three years (although some...

03rd June 2013

PGCE Interview Tips

So you’ve managed to secure an interview for a PGCE course. First of all, good work – getting through the initial application process is no easy feat, and getting an interview means you’ve got your fo...

12th December 2013

What is a PGCE?

Put simply, a PGCE is a postgraduate qualification that trains students in the skills needed to become a teacher. PGCE stands for Postgraduate Certificate in Education, and is a widely-recognised step...

22nd August 2013

Funding a PGCE Teaching Degree

For some, in this cloudy economic climate teaching is a much safer bet for a secure career. Post credit crunch, many graduates who would have taken up a career in finance, and other industries for tha...

21st January 2013

5 Reasons to Study a PGCE

Whatever age range you’re hoping to teach and whichever subject you’re hoping to specialise in, there are many reasons why studying a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) is a good idea. Here ...

12th December 2013

What is an MBA?

An MBA (otherwise known as a Master’s in Business Administration) is a postgraduate qualification that focuses on the aspects considered key to running a business. An MBA is both a widely recognised q...

03rd June 2013

Studying a Master's Degree - What to Expect

If you’re hoping to go on and study a Master’s Degree after you complete your undergrad, you may be wondering exactly how different the style of teaching and the course itself will be. Although Master...

14th July 2014

PGCE Funding Options

If you’re thinking about studying a PGCE, one of the big questions you’ll be facing is whether or not you can afford it. Well we’ve got some good news for you – due to the fact they’re protected by th...

12th December 2013

Why Study a Master's Degree?

Whether you’re nearing the end of your undergrad or you graduated several years ago, the decision to do a Master’s degree is not always an easy one. If you’re looking for some positives to help j...

21st January 2014

This Poem Perfectly Sums Up the Ridiculous Words All Students Use in Essays

Billy Picard 'juxtaposes' poetry with the words we're all guilty of using in essays (because we secretly think they make us look smarter even though they probably don't) You know all those words th...

19th February 2015

What’s it Actually Like to Study a Distance Learning LLM?

We spoke to Deborah Regal, a former student at the University of London, to find out more about what it's like to study an LLM via distance learning... Why did you decided to study an LLM? As ...

05th February 2015
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