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Postgraduate Article Search

Postgraduate Article Search

A brief guide to applying for a postgraduate course

If you are thinking about studying a postgraduate degree, but are unsure of where to start or what to do, then read on - as our guide to applying will explain all. What is the Difference Betwe...

06th January 2021

Postgraduate Study: How Will it Differ From Your Undergrad?

The experience of undergraduate education encompasses more than just academic study. Away from home, pursuing interests and joining new societies and often making friends for life, is the backbone of ...

28th July 2020

Postgraduate Physiotherapy: A Guide

If you're considering a postgraduate degree in physiotherapy, this guide will give you the key information you need to know about taking your studies to the next level. What is Physiotherapy? ...

28th November 2019

A postgraduate student's guide to finding accommodation

You’ve got a place on a course, you’ve navigated (or are still trying to) the treacherous minefield that is postgrad funding, so what next? Well, you’ll probably need somewhere to live. As with fun...

28th November 2019

Try before you buy with a MOOC

Starting a postgraduate degree is a great opportunity to completely change direction, not just in your educational journey but your career as well. But how can you know what you will be good at or wha...

14th November 2019

A Guide to Postgraduate Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language therapy is a rewarding and fulfilling career and popular at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, therefore the application process can be competitive. As with similar health ...

27th September 2019

The ULTIMATE guide to Postgraduate Funding

From bursaries to budgeting, find out everything you need to know about postgrad funding... Contents - How much will it really cost me? - How to fund your postgrad - Employer sponsorship ...

26th March 2015

Love to write? Starting a postgraduate course? Blog for us!

Are you starting a postgraduate course this year? Fancy being a PGS blogger? Whether you’re embarking on an MBA, committing to law conversion or discovering human biology, why not write regular pos...

21st January 2016

A Guide to Postgraduate Psychology

Psychology is a popular, fascinating subject that affects everyone. Giving insight into the behaviour and thoughts of both individuals and groups and the environmental factors that influence these; ps...

15th July 2014

Postgraduate TESOL Courses: a Guide

What’s the difference between TEFL and TESOL? TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) became TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and now the shortened version- ESOL -is t...

15th July 2014

An Insight into Postgraduate Events Management

If you’re serious about a career in events management you might be thinking about a postgraduate course. You may already work in the sector or a related area and want to focus your ambition or you may...

15th July 2014

7 Extremely Good Reasons to Study in London

With a staggering 20 universities, the capital is a hotbed of higher education, but there are plenty of other good reasons to head there for your studies... 1. Food If you can name a cuisi...

13th March 2015

13 Hard to Swallow Truths About Becoming a Postgraduate Student

You may be going back to uni, but don't expect things to be exactly the same as they were in your fresher days... 1. Nights doing this: Tumblr Become this: The Daily Touch ...

08th October 2014

10 useful apps for postgraduate students

Make the most of your Smartphone, laptop or tablet with these great applications – most of which are completely and utterly free. 1. Google Drive Great for group work and ease of access...

15th July 2014

Studying Economics at Postgrad Level

Why study Economics at postgrad level? Whether furthering your study or embarking on a new area, by studying economics at masters level, you’ll gain the skills to launch a career in economics...

20th October 2015

Meet our blogger Laura Anne: Part 2: Induction and Orientation

Our postgraduate blogger Laura Anne returns to describe her course's 'orientation day'... The school of Education held an orientation day for everyone doing taught postgraduate degrees a couple of ...

27th August 2014

10 of the greatest apps for students in London

There's no denying London is a great place to be a student, despite the eye watering prices, unpredictable weather and chaotic transport. Use these clever applications to navigate the capital, find th...

15th July 2014

On the front line of Criminology at the University of Kent

Based within a well established department spanning several key areas, including social research, sociology, child protection, autism research and social policy, Criminology at Kent, hosts some of the...

15th July 2014
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