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Postgraduate Article Search

Postgraduate Article Search

The Benefits of Being a Mature Student

Worried you’ve missed the boat when it comes to studying for a postgraduate course? We explain why it’s never too late to further your education. More and more students are choosing to continue the...

28th July 2020

How to Budget for a Postgraduate Year

For many students, one of the hardest parts of planning for a postgraduate year is working out their budget. No doubt you picked up a thing or two about keeping on top of your finances during your und...

27th May 2020

IT Subject Guide

Do you find yourself constantly called on by your mates to fix their PC problems? Know your hardware from your software and your Java from your C++? Are you interested in web design, programming or ev...

21st February 2020

How Will The New Postgraduate Loans Actually Work?

Everything you need to know about the postgraduate loans being introduced in 2016, including how they work, who they will benefit, and what students think of them... While student loans have been a...

14th May 2015

A Guide to Postgraduate Law

Do you find yourself constantly getting into debates – and winning? Are you a regular at protests and demonstrations? Do you have an interest in criminology, human rights, or the environment? If you’r...

04th November 2015

How to Improve Your CV During University

Whether you’re set to finish your course this summer or you’ve still got a year or more to go, it’s never too early to start sprucing up your CV. Read on for our employability-boosting master class… ...

28th May 2015

23 Things You Need to Know About the 2015 General Election

With not long to go until the next election, we look at the 23 things you absolutely need to know... 1. Who’s who Image via British politics has traditionally been a two-hor...

21st April 2015

Postgraduate Support Scheme: £10,000 Bursaries Available to Students Starting in 2015

10,000 students will be awarded bursaries worth £10,000 in 2015 Prospective postgraduate students were pleasantly surprised lately when the coalition government announced plans for £10,000 loans to...

17th March 2015

Are the New Postgraduate Loans Really a Good Thing?

From 2016, new loans of up to £10,000 will be available to students applying for taught postgraduate courses. But is this exclusively a good thing? Victoria Williams shares her concerns... If you’r...

22nd January 2015

Finance Subject Guide

Are you a whizz with numbers and savvy with your savings account? Know when to start selling off your old possessions on eBay and when you should be buying up the bargains? Whether you see yourself as...

28th July 2016

Health Studies Subject Guide

Are you the first-aider in your group of friends - the one who always has plasters and antiseptic cream and nags people to go to the doctor when that cough just won’t go away? Do you dream of saving l...

26th July 2016

What To Do If Your Course Changes

Hit by an unexpected change to your course? It doesn’t have to be a disaster. Here’s how to handle it if something goes wrong. We all want our course to be perfect, and for most of us it will be – ...

27th October 2015

Should You do a Graduate Scheme?

Graduating soon and don't have a plan? Don't panic! If you're focused on a career but haven't got a job lined up, you could benefit from a graduate scheme… The last few months of uni can b...

10th June 2015

Why You Should Vote in the 2015 General Election

With less than a month to go until the 2015 General Election, Victoria Williams explains what you need to do to get registered and why you should get yourself down to the polling station on May 7th......

07th April 2015
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