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Postgraduate Article Search

Postgraduate Article Search

7 Things No One Tells You about Postgraduate Finance

Looking for ways to finance your postgrad course? Here are 7 things about postgraduate finance that you won’t read in any official leaflets or application forms. 1. It’s All on You Okay so ...

21st February 2020

7 Great Reasons to Study Distance Learning Courses

There are loads of pros that come with embarking on a distance learning course, so don’t be swayed by those who might think it doesn’t give you the real deal in terms of qualifications or is somehow a...

23rd January 2020

How to Juggle University Life with Finding the Right Postgraduate Course

University life can sometimes seem like an impossible balancing act with all the demands of lectures, seminars, assessments, revision, sports and activities, socialising, (occasional) domestic chores,...

08th January 2020

Postgraduate Courses: Things to Consider Before Applying

If you're here reading this, you're probably thinking about doing a postgraduate course. Because three (or more) years of studying, writing essays and making the library your second home just weren't ...

07th November 2019

Student Stories: What it’s Like to Study a Creative Writing MA

Wondering what it’s like to study a Creative Writing Masters? A recent graduate gives her insight into this very subject. I will be graduating (hopefully – my dissertation results will be winging t...

09th October 2015

How to Have a Postgraduate Social Life

Yes, postgrads can and do have social lives. They may not involve quite as many ‘quad vods’ and foam parties as your undergrad degree, but by the time you are considering becoming (or have already bec...

01st July 2016

10 Non-drinking Activities for Postgraduate Students

Our MA blogger Katie Fisher shares some ideas for booze-free socialising... Once you start your MA, MSc, or PhD, you'll quickly realise it's a whole different kettle of fish to your undergraduate d...

19th November 2014

5 Tip-Top Baking Recipes For Students

Do try these at home! What better way to celebrate the much-anticipated final of The Great British Bake Off than by providing you with five delicious, student-friendly recipes to bake and enjoy at ...

08th October 2014
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