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Postgraduate Article Search

Postgraduate Article Search

7 Ways to Have Fun as a Postgrad That Won't Cost You a Penny

Money can be pretty tight when you’re studying a postgraduate course. With limited options for finance, students usually end up paying their own way through, relying on kind parents, or taking out a c...

23rd January 2020

How to Make the Most of a Work Experience Placement

Any postgrad will tell you that gaining professional experience in your field is one of the most vital steps in securing a job after your studies have finished. But this isn’t just a case of convincin...

17th January 2020

How to Find the Perfect Postgraduate Home (and Housemates)

Former postgrad Matt Ayes shares his tips on finding accommodation and housemates you'll actually get on with. "In undergraduate freshers’ week, most students are sporadically placed among their pe...

02nd December 2019

5 Questions You’ll Hear When You’re Studying a Postgrad Degree

Lots of people think back on their uni days as being the happiest of their lives, so when you tell your friends you’re going to study a second degree, expect a lot of questions from them. Here’s ho...

16th March 2016

Why Humanities Subjects Still Matter

Don’t listen to all those grumpy science-types that claim humanities subjects are a waste of time... Students from humanities backgrounds often get a bad rap from the government and in the press, ...

08th April 2015

10 Free Apps All Postgraduate Students Should Download Immediately

Postgraduate life isn't easy. Undergrads who spent their days binge watching Netflix but still managed to graduate with a 2.1 are in for a shock if they think that postgraduate study is more of the sa...

11th March 2015
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