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Postgraduate Article Search

Postgraduate Article Search

How to do Freshers’ Week as a Postgraduate

Remember your undergraduate freshers’ week? Meeting new people, partying, lie-ins till gone noon, partying, junk food meals, and more partying. And when you did do some work, it was probably the least...

28th July 2020

Postgraduate Certificate Vs Masters

Torn between studying a postgraduate certificate (PGCert) or a master’s degree? Here’s how to decide based on how and what you want to learn. You Should Study a Postgraduate Certificate If… 1. Y...

21st February 2020

Converting a Postgraduate Certificate to a Masters

Certificates are a perfect stepping stone to a Masters degree as you’ll not only be prepared for the intensity and expectations of the course, but you’ll get to learn even more about the specific area...

27th November 2019

The Green Paper: How Does it Affect You?

A recent Green Paper from the government could change higher education massively. So what could happen? And how does it affect you? What Is The Green Paper? image via loros The G...

22nd October 2019

What the Spring Budget Means for Postgraduate Students

The chancellor has delivered another budget statement, but what does it mean for you this time? We break it down and explain it could affect your education as well as your general student life. ...

09th March 2017

Postgraduate Winners at the Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2018

We’ve spent the last year talking to students and asking them what they really thought of their university experience. From the facilities, students’ union and city life, to course & lectures, job pro...

23rd April 2018

How to Be a Postgraduate Student by The End of the Year

Eager to start a postgraduate course this year but don’t know how to get there? Here’s how to be a student by the end of the year. The key to getting on a postgraduate course quickly and effic...

03rd January 2018

15 University Facts You Definitely Won’t Know

From famous alumni and record breakers to an incredibly popular thesis, you won't believe these 15 facts are real, but trust us, they are! 1. Liverpool Hope 2. Brunel University ...

19th December 2017

Postgraduate Winners at the Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2017

Every year, the Whatuni Student Choice Awards (or WUSCA for short) celebrates the best universities in the UK. Unlike normal awards where a panel of judges decides the winners, everyone who takes home...

10th April 2017

Signs you should do a postgraduate course

Thinking about applying for a postgraduate course but not 100% sure whether it’s right for you? If some or all of the below scenarios sound familiar, then a postgrad course is the right way to go. ...

17th August 2015

What to Do if You End Up Hating Your Postgraduate Course

If things are quite what you expected, don’t panic... You’ve spent months looking forward to starting your postgrad course, read all the relevant books over the summer, and annoyed all your fr...

28th May 2015

What Is Occupational Therapy?

Interested in a career where you can actually help people? Then occupational therapy might be for you. We explain what the subject is, where it can take you and why you should study it. Contents ...

16th February 2017

What Type of Postgraduate Qualification Should You Study?

Not sure whether you should study a masters or a PhD? Struggling to choose between a PGCE or a MBA? Take this quiz and find out which type of postgraduate course you should study! Once you've f...

24th January 2017

Social Work Subject Guide

Are you a caring, sharing person that’s eager to take your personality into a career where you can really make a difference? Then why not consider a career in social work? Contents: General ...

25th November 2015

A Guide to Postgraduate Maths

Are you good with numbers? Is your head a human calculator that never fails? Are you always the one splitting the bills in restaurants and wondering why everyone else finds it so difficult? If you’re ...

05th October 2015
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