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Postgraduate Article Search

Postgraduate Article Search

How to Make the Most of Postgraduate Open Days

If you’re contemplating doing a postgraduate course then you’ll probably want to go to an open day. The days where you wandered around your undergraduate university as a fresh-faced youth will be a...

27th January 2020

How to Make the Most of the Summer Before Your Postgrad

Former postgrad Emily Bater shares 9 ideas for things to do in the run-up to your new course... The weeks and months leading up to your postgrad can be nerve-wracking and tedious in equal measure. ...

04th June 2015

8 Ways to Stay Healthy While Studying a Postgrad Course

Former postgraduate student Emily Bater shares some handy life hacks for staying in shape while you study... 1. Eat breakfast Image via Being a busy postgrad may mean rushing...

15th April 2015
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