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Postgraduate Article Search

Why it's Never Too Late to Study a Postgraduate Course

Constantly contemplating studying a postgraduate course but think it’s too late? Whether you think your academic days are behind you or you think it’s just too late in the year, we explain why it’s NE...

13th November 2019

Living Costs Support for Welsh Postgraduate Students

If you’re Welsh and planning on studying a postgraduate course in the UK, you might want to apply for this brand-new funding just for you… Living costs can be…well costly. From paying the rent and ...

27th August 2020

9 Things to Immediately Delete From Your Postgraduate Application

Clichés, exaggerations, and that Hotmail address you came up with when you were 15... So, you’ve written an application for your dream postgraduate course and you’re feeling pretty confident. But b...

21st February 2020

How To Settle Into a New University

Going to a new university as a postgraduate can be just as daunting as your first day as a fresher. You’re experiencing new people, a new location and a brand new home. It may feel as though stepping ...

23rd January 2020

How to Save Money for a Postgraduate Course

Postgraduate qualifications can be an expensive thing, and although there are many funding options available, it’s still worth trying to save money whenever you can. But constantly turning down nig...

23rd January 2020

Here’s How to Deal With a Bad Lecturer at Uni

There’s nothing worse than having a bad lecturer. You’re expected to do reading but feel like you know more about the subject than the teacher. You write thousands of words in essays that never seem t...

21st January 2020

10 Key Questions to Help You Decide Which Postgraduate Course to Do

Keen to do a postgraduate course, but no idea what subject you want to do? Are you spending hours researching courses, making potential lists only to feel so overwhelmed you binge on Netflix to recove...

18th November 2019

How to Get Postgraduate Items for Free

Studying a postgraduate course doesn’t come cheap and every penny can count, so shelling out money for essentials can sometimes break the piggy bank and make you consider going back to your undergradu...

01st November 2019

Loan Options for Postgraduate Students

There are some rather important changes being made to postgraduate funding, including no more age cap limits and more help for part-time learners. Here’s everything you need to know and what it means ...

05th January 2018

What Could Happen to Universities Now We’re Leaving the EU?

The results are in, and the nation have spoken, and they’re saying they want to leave the EU. So what does this mean for universities? We take a look at what could happen… Leaving the EU is likely ...

27th June 2016

What’s The Future of Your Postgrad Course?

Thinking of studying a postgraduate course? Then it's worth keeping a eye out on what the future might hold for you and your course... Due to the controversial rise in tuition fees, there have been...

11th September 2015

Autumn Statement 2016: What It Means For Postgraduates

The Autumn statement has been announced, and everyone’s talking about it. But what does it mean for potential postgraduates? National Living Wage Increasing image via giphy Many...

23rd November 2016

5 types of people you’ll meet as a postgraduate

Just like your course will change when you become a postgraduate student, as will the people around you and the friends you’ll make. Just like when you went from sixth form to university, you’ll me...

19th August 2015

Similarities Between Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses

So we’ve covered the main differences between undergrad and postgrad courses, but some things never change, and while you’re studying a postgraduate course you’re likely to come across some, if not al...

14th August 2015

The Postgraduate Support Scheme: How’s it Doing?

The Postgraduate Support Scheme (PSS) was all about supporting and improving taught postgraduate qualifications for students. Has it achieved their target? The PSS Programme Analyst has recently publi...

06th October 2015

How Diverse is Your University?

Want to know which universities have students with the same nationality as you? Or which institutions are the most culturally diverse? Hotcourses Abroad have created a fancy new tool just for you… ...

13th July 2016

5 differences between an undergraduate and a postgraduate course

Whether you’re currently studying an undergraduate degree or have been out of education for a few years and are heading back, starting a postgraduate course can be a daunting thing. It’s new in terms ...

11th August 2015
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