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Postgraduate Article Search

Postgraduate Article Search

Where to Get Funding for a Postgraduate Certificate

Funding options for your postgraduate certificate can be a lot more limited than other forms of postgraduate study, such as Masters and PhDs. There are still plenty of options out there though, you ju...

01st September 2020

What is a Postgraduate Certificate?

There are a whole range of postgraduate study options available, but what do each of them involve and what's the difference between them all? Here we take a look in to a postgraduate degree program...

21st February 2020

How to Make the Most of Christmas

The nights are drawing in, there’s an abundance of mince pies and there’s a curious amount of people in the supermarket round the clock. It must be Christmas! When your mind is getting used to the ...

11th December 2019

5 Films That Will Make You Want to Become a Postgraduate Student

The great student population makes for excellent film fodder for directors across the world, but there are a few films that will make you want to stick around for longer than your allotted three (or f...

22nd December 2015

Postgraduate Jargon Explained

While looking through the many postgraduate options available to you, it’s likely that you’ll come across acronyms and terms that sound unfamiliar, odd and just downright made up. We’ve rounded up...

27th August 2015

How Do I Know if My Distance Learning Course is Good?

Distance learning is a tempting way to study for a qualification. You don’t have the hassle of moving, you can usually fit it around other commitments in your life and, in theory at least, you get the...

29th March 2016

Student Stories: What it’s Like to Study Postgraduate Journalism

There are quite a few routes into writing for a living, but one of the most popular is studying for a postgraduate degree, such as a diploma, which will often you give you the skills and experience yo...

16th September 2015
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