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Postgraduate Article Search

Postgraduate Article Search

Will Postgraduate Study Affect Your Family?

Studying at postgraduate level means making big decisions and life changes. This is one thing if you’ve only yourself to think about, but a completely different kettle of fish if you’ve got a family t...

23rd January 2020

Does Postgraduate Study Mean Giving Up Work?

You can undertake postgraduate study for lots of reasons, and if you’re already in employment it can herald the start of a new career, help you get a promotion or simply expand your options within you...

17th January 2020

5 Ways Vocational Courses Differ From Academic Courses

Academic courses are more likely to demand essays and logical reasoning, whereas vocational courses are about practical hands-on training and learning tangible skills. Most courses these days are d...

18th November 2019

Pros and Cons of Part-Time Postgraduate Study

Whether you’re fresh out of an undergraduate programme or thinking about returning to academia after a few years in the workplace, studying part-time can give you a freedom to pursue opportunities you...

30th November 2015
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