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Postgraduate Article Search

Postgraduate Article Search

Mistakes to Avoid on Your Postgraduate Application

While it might be one of the most important things to fill out, it can be easy to rush through writing your postgraduate application and miss out on essential and important information. Here are so...

21st February 2020

How to Ace a Postgraduate Interview

Knees shaking. Palms sweating. You’re currently sitting outside waiting for the interview which will determine whether you get accepted on your postgraduate course or not. Nervous? Don’t be. Well, try...

16th February 2016

Reasons to Study a Part Time Degree

We can have part time jobs and part time hobbies. So why not have a part time degree too? Here are some reasons why studying a part-time degree could be ideal for you. Flexible Studying ...

23rd December 2015

10 Postgrad Questions it’s Ok to Ask

Whether you’re coming straight from undergrad or returning to education after a bit of time off. If you’re going down the same road as your previous degree or your post grad is on a completely differe...

13th November 2015
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