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What I’d Wish I’d Known About...Living on a Student Budget

Managing on a student budget after being in paid work was one of the hardest things to manage for me, so make sure you manage the transition effectively, take stock and prepare to cut back a bit. P...

22nd December 2015

How to Choose the Right University

Sounds obvious, but choosing the right university and course to study is vital. Take a course you end up regretting and that’s a lot of studying hours, and more importantly, money, that you can’t get ...

17th February 2016

How to Prepare For Your Postgraduate Interview

Good preparation is essential to a successful interview, but being prepared for a postgraduate interview requires yet more work. But don’t be put off, simply read our guide to help you practice for th...

18th January 2016

How to Deal With a Postgrad Workload After a Long Break

It’s fairly common to want to return to study after a working break, in fact very few postgraduate students go straight from uni. But going from the working world to the classroom can be a big jump. ...

17th November 2015
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