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Postgraduate Article Search

Postgraduate Student Myths

There are lots of tall tales surrounding postgrad training. Horror stories of long, sleepless nights fuelled by coffee and cramming abound. Many people think that entering into a postgrad course will ...

21st March 2016

7 Reasons to Study a PGDIP

If you’ve set your sights on achieving a postgraduate qualification often the first decision you’ll encounter is whether to study for a master’s degree or a postgraduate diploma (PGDip). There are ...

16th December 2015

A Postgraduate Timeline

"Where on earth do I start?" That’s generally the first thought that runs through everyone’s head as they start to consider studying at a postgraduate level. The questions can seem endless, what shall...

04th January 2016

What I Wish I’d Known About…Preparing for Exams

Our resident blogger Kieron explains the 5 things he wishes he’d known about taking exams as a postgraduate student. By the time I’d started my postgrad it had been close to decade since I’d last t...

06th June 2016

What’s Stopping You Applying for a Postgraduate Course?

Thinking about studying a postgraduate course but always get held back or delayed because of concerns or doubt? Don’t let your worries and gripes put you off what will be one of the most rewarding ...

20th January 2016

Home or Away?

So you’ve decided to become a postgraduate. The funding’s in place, interviews are in the bag and your acceptance letter’s sitting proudly on top of the mantelpiece. If your new course is at a diff...

07th December 2015
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