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Bangor University

By ,Written on Feb 06 , 2019

Consumer Psychology with Business MSc/PGDip/PGCert

Overall Rating

My experience at the university of Bangor is been amazing so far , I could not choose better! Very satisfied with everything both in the academic field and personal

Student Union

I never got involved but I know they are always active and willing to speak out students voices and requests

Clubs and Societies

There are a wide range of clubs and societies offering various activities and events, very well organised

Uni Facilities

All my university facilities are excellent including library and computer rooms, cafes and laboratories

Course and Lecturers

I love they way the courses are applied as well as the assignments and workshops. All the lecturer are very enthusiastic and always willing to help.

City Life

Bangor is located in a magic region of wales and the city life is perfect for students, providing all sorts of entertainment and activities students wish for

Job Prospects

The university offers a wide range of career workshops as well as career fairs and events promoting various companies and helping students building their career. One to one meeting are also available in order to help students with curriculum and covers letter.

Student Support

The support is excellent, providing help in all sorts of fields both academic with drop ins and classes for students that need help, as well as one to one meeting for writing skills. Moreover they offer a wide range of counselling programs and workshops. Excellent!!!

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