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Bangor University

By ,Written on Feb 27 , 2019

Conservation and Land Management MSc

Overall Rating

The university is great, i did my undergraduate degree here and after leaving for two years I decided to come back for my postgraduate. I cant think of anywhere else I would rather study.

Student Union

All our clubs and societies are free to join which is amazing! Timetables are kept clear on Wednesday afternoons for people to do sports practice and we uave lots of great facilities.

Clubs and Societies

They are great! And all for free!

Uni Facilities

Fab! The gym has been recently refurbished and is amazing. We have lots of resources that many unis dont have such as the botanical gardens

Course and Lecturers

We have a small lecture size (24) and we have lots of seminars so everyone gets a chance to speak and have lots of debates about the important topics

City Life

Its a quite city but its so friendly and your always bumping into people you know

Job Prospects

They have lots of career workshops and events to help people prepare for work in various sectors as well as help people become more entrepreneurial

Student Support

I have never had and counselling so i dont know about that but they give you all the information you need if your ever in a that situation so you would know who to speak to.

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