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Bangor University

By ,Written on Feb 28 , 2020

Clinical and Health Psychology MSc

Overall Rating

I have been at this university for the past four years, and I will carry on with my postgraduate education here if the university will let me. I could not emphasise how much I have enjoyed being here and if I was at any other univerisity I probably wouldn't have finished my undergraduate degree.

Student Union

the student union does alot for the students at the university, they like to hear about new ideas all the time and will tell you the best course to propose them.

Clubs and Societies

There are an abundance of societies, that seem ok for undergraduate students however, for postgraduate there doesn't seem to be anything specific for them aprt from the odd society.

Uni Facilities

Some of the schools a little outdated and could use some improvemeant in facilities or in a general face lift, but things work as they should without much of an issue.

Course and Lecturers

I don't like the fact that most of the modules are taught via lectures, i would like a workshop to help with tough subjects.
I like that most of the lectures are recorded and that you can ls=isten to them when you need to.

City Life

Yes there is and access of accommodation avaiable in Bangor.

Job Prospects

The university has it's own employability hub which allows you to prepare for employment and allows you to do activities to improve your employability. It hasd internships and volunteer opportunities that you can go on regardless of what year you are in at university.

Student Support

The lecturers in my school are amazing and cannot do enough to help their students, even my friends from other schools come and talk to my lecturers about their issues.
The counselling department here at the university hold workshops every week and courses for aspecific thearpies.

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