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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Bangor University

Fantastic. I would like continue my higher studies if there is an opportunity for me. Also the university gave confidence in building my own career (like consulting and starting business). read full review
It have been a great experience for me. There are many things that you can be involved to help or develop your skills, the limitations are on you and your interests. read full review
My university experiences are not really many.... but i really enjoy going to the japanese society i really enjoy going in class. It is quite interesting to know people from many country. I love it. read full review

International Business MBA


Shafaq Rubab - March 2018

I had the best time of my student life at bangor university with amazing teaching stafg and beautiful serene city,everything was a perfect fit for me.With so many clubs and societies, there was something of interest for each one of us. read full review
very Satisfied, staff and tutors are supportive. Good library and study areas and plenty of computers and tools for students. Student halls are great and well maintained and close to uni. read full review

Bilingualism PhD


Athy - February 2018

I am extremely happy and proud to be a student at Bangor University. I have met lovely people, gained lots of research and teaching experience! There are fantastic facilities, a very friendly community of students and staff and the lovely scenery of North Wales. read full review

History PhD


Kayla - February 2018

I have loved it enough to stay for 8 year, and all of my degrees, I think that speaks enough for itself! Very positive experience at Bangor. Any problems with it have always been not my own experience, and just rumors of money problems, staff cuts etc. that don't directly involve me. read full review

Childhood and Youth MRes


Bethany Anne Edwards - February 2018

Very positive with the majority of situations.

The only limitations have been with specific individuals and situations, which I don't consider the be representative of the university and my experience as a whole. read full review

Accounting and Finance MSc


Arthur Njobvu - February 2018

Bangor has been so exciting. The lecturerss and the tutors are very supportive in every way.

There are many extra curricular activities the university provides like language and support centers in math, English and any problems students have.
I do enjoy every moment of my time in Bangor. read full review