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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Bangor University

For somewhere I came through clearing, I cannot imagine myself anywhere else. The university has a perfect location for creatives, you have the mountains, the sea and the land. read full review

Physiotherapy PGDip


Joanna - February 2020

Very good, I have really enjoyed it and learnt a lot so far. The equipment is really new and the teaching is amazing. It is also a small course so we get lots of 1 to 1 attention from the tutors read full review
I have been at Bangor for undergraduate, postgraduate and now PhD, it is a great university with many thigns going for it , however if you are a big city person it may not be the best place if that what you are looking for read full review
Until now I have a good experience in both research, studying and teaching, and I can forget to tell you that the experience I have is due to much effort that my lecturers used when teaching read full review
I honestly feel very comfortable at the uni.
The lectures are very useful.
The lecturers are very helpful.
The location is good , the facilities are good enough.
The uni’s website is clear and easy to use.

Honestly I would recommend anyone wants to study to study at Bangor university. read full review
Overall, it has gone very well, there has been some mishaps but this is due to the fact that this course has changed significantly during the last year, so there are somethibgs that still need to sorted. However, i came back to study at this university as i knew many of the lecturers already and was confident in the univeristy and their help throughout. read full review

International Business MBA


Student Reviewer - February 2020

My experience is the very good because university give us all which required. They provide placement who has a skilled about particular field so that multinational companies take us depend on knowledge. read full review
Its been pretty good but in my undergrad years I wish there was more support. The people in halls were not the best and I found that behaviour I do not like was rife. read full review
Amazing!! I'm loving it. This is the best experience I've ever had in terms of educational institutions. Everything is easy, within reach, the facilities and services are great, the lectures are fun, and our lecturers are engaging and cooperative read full review
Its been good. I preferred my undergrad to postgrad. Although postgrad content is much more interesting. There are some good lecturers, but some are just guests that work in the field and lack good lecturing skills read full review