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Birkbeck, University of London

By ,Written on Jul 17 , 2020

Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology (MSc)

Overall Rating

I wish I had chosen a different univesity. If you have decent undergraduate grades I suggest you look into UCL, York, Brunel and Sussex. Despite their touted selection for students with a good undergraduate, Birbeck will take ANYBODY who is willing to pay the fees, there is no selection, it is all just a pretense.

Student Union

I got a good impression but again you dont know how good a Union is until you really need them. Our students representative was pretty bad, regularly taking the academics side. How funny is that - What would one do for a funded PhD.

Clubs and Societies

Very few societes or opportunities for sports, do not forget, this is London, most people do not care about anything but work.

Uni Facilities

The facilities are pretty good, with lots of study space, good internet thoughrout and a decent libray. There is a great canteen which serves amazing good. The librarians have always been helpful and supportive, making sure the library is run well. With regard to the facilities to practice/learn research skills, there were pretty average/low, we received very limited exposure to labs, neuroimaging labs. You will not learn much from this course - I am sorry to say.

Course and Lecturers

Unfortunately, the quality of teaching across the course varies a lot, some lectures are very goood (see advanced quantitative methods), others are not so good. Many lecturers are borrowed by UCL, located nearby. The departments of psychological sciences portrays himself as one of the best in the country, I beg to differ. The reality is that they are plain in average, offering very little hands-on learning to their students. Beware of their marketing, Birbeck is very good at marketing themselves.

City Life

The University is well-located in Central London and therefore close to tons of amenities, it is brilliant location to explore London from.

Job Prospects

Not muc, most of advice research center is really geared towards Undergraduate students, with no advice whatsoever for MSc Students in finding research opportunities. It is pretty shocking that Birkbeck made us seat 20 hours (worth about £829) of Generic Research Skills, which was a TOTAL waste of time.

Student Support

The administrative team at Psychological Sciences is clearly doing its best to support students, with a lot on their plate, as they have hundreds of students to manage. On the other hand, response from academics was patchy, incosistent, although helpful most times. Unfortunately, a few of the academics covered one anothers interests and will stand together against the same students who pay their salaries. Not all academics were the same though. Some were very caring, supporting, showing a genuine love for their profession and the students future (see the great Prof. Nazanin Derakshan).

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