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Birkbeck, University of London

By ,Written on Oct 02 , 2020

Social and Political Theory (MSc)

Overall Rating

I think Birkbeck is out of place. Birkbeck deserves to climb the top university rankings, it's only a matter of time for it to happen anyway. Birkbeck is investing heavily in the acquisition of local new premises, in renovation and research. In a few years, Birkbeck will probably enter the top 100 of the best universities in the world, it is enough to see his progression every year.

Student Union

They are very accessible, very respectful. They do a lot of events and help us a lot.

Clubs and Societies

There are several clubs and associations.


I am in a very nice flatsharing with other students from different universities in London. (Westminster)

Uni Facilities

Very nice !

Course and Lecturers

We have excellent professors who also teach at other colleges in London. They are recognised researchers and supervise us very well. Everything is done to succeed.

City Life

Yes, it it. Birkbeck is is in central London, with more cafes, bars, libraries, museums nearby.

Job Prospects

I sincerely think this is one of the best universities in London in this area. Birkbeck organises trade fairs, invites industrialists, and allows us to work side by side thanks to part-time.

Student Support

Very nice, Birkbeck is very organised and very efficient compared to the majority of other colleges in London. The administration works!

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