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Birmingham City University

By ,Written on May 27 , 2020

Psychology MSc

Overall Rating

-No support at all
-After only 6 months I am feeling stupid, uncomfortable, unsecure, and treated unfairly.
-The course programme, even if approved by BPS, is same as first year of BSc degree, with only one difference in marking
-Good if you don't have time to attend university and working full time
-No regulations about double checking marking - if they want give you 0 they will, and you can't request second marking. Not sure if there is anyone outside of the University who check assignments
-If not the price and student loan, I will leave the course after 3months
-Limited resources access
-No advice about careers, courses, job opportunities
-Nothing exciting or passionate about the course. Basic information.

Clubs and Societies

Not using any, as doing online courses

Uni Facilities

Because I study online, I don't use any facilities placed at Uni Buildings.
However, the online resources are really poor. The online library - you can't find anything there. Articles, journals - maybe 2-3. There is no access to psychological websites too- you can login to APA websites, but no free access, so you can see only abstracts.

Course and Lecturers

Whole course is online what is a big advantage if you working full time and can't attend normal lectures. It's also accredited by BPS, what is not really popular with online psychology courses. You have 24/7 access to lectures' presentations and you can watch lectures online whenever you want (all recorded). Unfortunately if you have your bsc in psychology, you will feel like your doing the same course again. Mostly, You won't find lecturers' passion while going through all materials and recordings. In some areas-no support and supervision at all. In my own opinion, there is a huge problem with marking assignments-some of marks are unreasonably lower than they should, there is no place for different views and opinions (followed by scientific research of course) - basically if you will not write what they want, then you will be mark down. No matter if that's scientific or not. After just half a year at this uni, I can find myself with lack of confidence, motivation and disappointment.
If YouTube will not have free access to lectures I will completely lost my love to psychology.

City Life

Studying online, so not applicable

Job Prospects

Never receive any job offer, advice or any information linked to my course. I also did not notice any information about volunteering, courses or workshops which will help in finding job as a psychologist in the future.

Student Support

First of all, never used counselling, not even sure if exist.
Feedback depends on who is marking your work. Some of the tutors are really detail and give you enough to improve yourself in the future. 90% of them, will give some random information, without explanation, and it looks more like they had bad mood so decided to give you lower mark. If you are concern, then you CAN'T ask about second marking or someone who can do it again to make sure you were marked fairly. They will just say no and that's it. Students can ask for support, but then, it's easy to find out, that some people just doesn't want to help because of silly reasons. (could not describe detailed situation in here). Honestly, I am feeling so bad during this course - if I knew before, will never apply.

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