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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Birmingham City University

There isn’t any worst aspects for BCU students. Even it’s a proud moment to study from BCU. Like there student support and faculty support and even management system is much better and easier than other universities. read full review
Its an excellent university in terms of reputation and teaching quality. Teaching staffs are highly qualified,efficient and cordial to students.Under their guidance learning is a fun.BCU have been recognized for their research projects-positively impacting on local policy and practice.The employbility rate of BCU is 97%,which means graduate from this university is joining to work or any courses just after six months of completing their course from BCU,certainly that's a big advantage.Locationwise it's in an amazing place,however i think classrooms could be more spacious in comparisn to students number.Overall I must say it's an tremendous journey to be here as a student and I am enjoying my student life here at fullest! read full review
Overall, the university is satisfying and good. However, it would be great if student facilities like the number of microwaves and the student pantry area could increase. read full review
More facilities like Free Gym for students discounted campus shops should be provided to students . Cafe's rate lists should be controlled read full review
Library availability is impressive and wide range of books are available to gain enough knowledge

The worst aspect in the university is internet issues(WiFi) is vey slow at some of the university locations read full review
It has been an amazing experience so far read full review
As far as i have been here, the staff members and the support team were really helpful and friendly. The workshops with respect to the module gives great knowledge. The modules are in line with inclination for my career. I even enjoy the events that are held in the university. The opportunity of studying abroad has inculcated the enthusiasm in me to study more about my course practically which i would love to be a part of. I really hope to see myself in a place that i have thought about with the help of knowledge and skills that i’ll develop during my course period.
At the entrance i would suggest to keep a blueprint of the infrastructure like we have it in the mall with the direction of specific faculty offices and many more for new students who feel hard to locate even after we get a tour initially.
read full review
Everyone is friendly and helpful. read full review
Birmingham City University (BCU) is a great place to study because of its amazing student support and improving facilities. Students are respected by all staff and have access to a range of support services to assist with job finding, financial aid or mental health aid to name a few. The university is also constantly upgrading its facilities to provide better experiences for its students. For example, a whole new building has been built and, particularly useful for my course, an electroencephalogram (EEG) machine has also been installed!

On the PhD, there are opportunities to practice your presentation and conference skills through research days, writing retreats and regular inter-department meetings. Academic staff are very friendly and down-to-earth, ready to assist you in many ways other than from academic point. read full review