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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Birmingham City University

I did my masters during the pandemic, so it was extremely difficult. Classes were online. Most of the professors did not with us as much as they should have. The university is very good at providing employment opportunities and advice. read full review
I have thoroughly enjoyed my MA. The staff have been supportive and I have learned a lot from the different modules. Social opportunities on the course have been ample given the issues with COVID. Would be nice to have had more sporting opportunities at the university although this hasn't been a major issue. read full review
Despite the negative impacts of the pandemic and having to adapt to online learning, in my opinion, my university has done its best to conform and support its students the best it can whilst also having to adapt to the current circumstances. I find that I am able to manage my studies okay, and find comfort that there will be academic support available if needed. read full review
Please do not do a PGCE at this University.
I was bullied by staff and by grown adults on my course. You should never put a student on placement at a school where a fellow student’s partner works. read full review
-No support at all
-After only 6 months I am feeling stupid, uncomfortable, unsecure, and treated unfairly.
-The course programme, even if approved by BPS, is same as first year of BSc degree, with only one difference in marking
-Good if you don't have time to attend university and working full time
-No regulations about double checking marking - if they want give you 0 they will, and you can't request second marking. Not sure if there is anyone outside of the University who check assignments
-If not the price and student loan, I will leave the course after 3months
-Limited resources access
-No advice about careers, courses, job opportunities
-Nothing exciting or passionate about the course. Basic information. read full review
I wish i had gone to a proper art school. I feel like ive been ripped off. They took my money but didnt give anything in return. They dont really care about students only with policies and politics. read full review
Its been great, learned loads of things and made lots of friends, i am gettting alot of opportunities in my field of study to do different projects, very good overall read full review