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Bournemouth University

By ,Written on Nov 19 , 2019

MA Political Psychology

Overall Rating

Bournemouth University has good facilities, great students and some courses are excellent. Stay very clear of Political Psychology or International Political Communications - these courses are sub GCSE in standard and are political indoctrination camps.

Student Union

Excellent support staff with great knowledge. Excellent facilities. Great location.

Clubs and Societies

I did not get involved

Uni Facilities

Lots of new buildings like the Fusion, though the original buildings (Poole house) are dated

Course and Lecturers

The lecture rooms were excellent. Clean very good audio visual setup and comfortable.

The lecturers on this course and International Political Communication were appalling. They are all Marxists and you only get good marks if you spout Marx back at them. On a psychology course not one has even a Psychology degree.

Their subject knowledge was extremely poor in anything outside Marxist political dogma or "masculinity". If that's your thing then this is a great place. Any discussion outside this area was immediately and brutally cut off. The idea of free and open discussion here is dead. It is not a place of learning , rather a political indoctrination camp.

Truly appalling. I would strongly advise anyone who wants to learn anything about political psychology to look at the University of Kent in Canterbury.

Head of Department spent whole time covering up for lecturers who would regularly use the F word. When I asked for a list I was not given a single book.

Qualification worth less than toilet paper.

Really very depressing view of UK HE sector here. Course is put on to attract Foreign students who pay high fees. Lecturers totally out of their depth and HoD and senior lecturers running a Marxist/Fascist cell paid for by the British Taxpayer.

City Life

The Uni has a number of campuses around Bournemouth, while not walking distance from the centre there are regular Uni buses linking all the areas

Job Prospects

Careers service good

Student Support

See comment about course.

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