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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Bournemouth University

Firstly, Bournemouth University is highly recommended by hospitality professionals, again Bournemouth being a place for tourist it creates a lot of opportunities for employment, Bournemouth University organizes many conferences, seminar, social events so it becomes easy to network with professionals in industry, Bournemouth university has a student support team in the student union. It helps students in different ways like funding, counseling, etc. read full review
I have found it a great place for study and doing much in my IT field and I wish all the best to university. read full review
The place is very lively. A happening and supportive environment for students to be and blend in. Not a single look of judgment from one student to the other. I’m happy being a part of the IRIS society club at the university. Its great to be a part of this inclusive university. Looking forward to spending more time here:) read full review
Having students from diverse cultures make the University experience so interesting. Apart from classroom learning, we get to learn about the culture from other countries around the world. Mingling with students from various work background and sharing thoughts and ideas with them gives us valuable insights. However, I really wish to have the entire campus in one location instead of scattering building into different places which makes the commute difficult. The main campus always have more facilities and good view than the other campuses. read full review
It is fun and all the facilities are brilliant! read full review
I started the course during lockdown, and finishing the course with classes being conducted face-to-face. This course has been great for me. I had a good experience with lecturers (who are always willing to help), lecture theatres, labs (both online and offline). Coming from a law background, I think that MSc Cyber security and human factors was very insightful. I learnt a lot in terms of the content of the area, technical skills and writing skills. And academically, I have done well. I was looking for a challenge and the course meets my expectation.

Bournemouth is a nice place, to which Bournemouth University (BU) is an asset. The peaceful atmosphere, beautiful seaside and wonderful scenery, all inspire you to do your best, whether it is academically or personally. I feel honoured to have been at BU. The friends made on the course was made online (through their Facebook page and others at the start of the course through emails and group discussion). As we moved to face-to-face, I was happy to meet some of my friends while I am yet to meet others. As I am currently doing my project, I have not met all my friends, although we are in touch. I am hopeful to meet all my friends and lecturers by graduation. All in all, I have had a very good experience studying at BU.

Only one critique I have is that for Term 2, when BU went face-to-face teaching and BU abruptly asking all student to come (from wherever they were) to attend physical classes. I think the transition could have been more smoothly by incorporating online and face-to-face learning. That said, I was grateful that lectures were recorded and made available online. However, labs were not online at all. I understand that labs cannot be recorded, but BU could have made labs available through a live link for students willing (but unable to attend) to join the class and enhance their learning. This should have been done at a management level. Now that everything is back to normal, this is no longer an issue. But I would like the University to consider this point for the benefit of its students for the future. Maybe even helping distance learning students on the course. What an asset will that be! read full review
Best aspects: having lecturers who are really passionate about their fields.

Worst aspects: administration can be slow. read full review

MSc Green Economy


Ellie-Anne - March 2022

Great location and nice campus read full review
The student support is the best experiences I received, not just academic gaining. As a mature student with a lot to handle, having the university that commit in supporting for my success is very much help. We have a lot of new building and I hope there will be more to accommodate with the growing in number of students and more attractive design for the library. read full review
I am a student with chronic extreme health issues (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, PTSD and OCD) and the support I've received from Bournemouth University and the Psychology Department is second-to-none. They are fantastic. It's such a friendly and supportive learning environment as well as the academic content of the course being totally fascinating.

My Masters is very much part of my "post-traumatic growth" period of my life and significantly changing the trajectory of my life and offering me a future to fulfil my true potential after being "lost" in the medical system for so many years with profound struggles.

Its also helping to re-integrate me back into society and as well as what I am learning academic its teaching me some very important life skills read full review