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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Bridgend College

My tutor makes Bridgend a great place to study. The facilities I need are good and there's a good age range of students. For me, there's nothing that I would improve. It has everything I need. read full review
Bridgend College-Queens Road Campus. Rooms could be updated, some rooms have no windows, some have poor wifi. Gave 1 star for student life and student union, but I have no experience of these areas. Cramped room when full group present. Limited but satisfactory student support service on this campus. read full review
Great staff and a fabulous atmosphere. Forward thinking approach to development meaning we can anticipate facilities to advance with our studies into the future. The new STEAM academy in Pencoed is fantastic and shows just how progressive the college is. Focused on innovation! The staff are fantastic and you get such a fabulous experience during your studies. Encouraging and supportive. Highly recommended. read full review
the mature environment and freedom to study at your own pace, with access to facilities in spare time to help study. read full review
The lecturers are really knowledgeable and approachable. They have the right people on the course and students all get on well. The classroom is always clean and tidy there is a cafe and vending machines. The college doing free breakfasts for students every weekday morning shows they care about nutrition and the well being of the students. The building on the inside looks well maintained. The technology in class works well. The only thing I would improve the ability to connect to the wifi, I do find it difficult to connect my laptop or tablet to the wifi. The library and the availability of computers to use during the opening hours is really good and enables students to use them especially if they do not possess their own tech devices. I would welcome anyone who is interested in teaching further education to go to bridgend college. It's such an enjoyable experience and will benefit you massively if that is the vocation you choose. read full review
The tutors were amazing I had great support during this time at Bridgend College. I would have liked more face to face study but that's mainly because of covid and the restrictions xx read full review
I study in a brand new building, opened in August 2021 with state of the art facilities. The CourseI am studying is run over two years and will finish in April 2022. I have studied since I was in school and literally completed hundreds of courses through my life (I'm 60 in November). I have completed an Open University degree (B.Sc. 2010) and many forensics computing courses.
Never once have I had such support in a course as I have with this current one. The Lecturer's cannot do enough to encourage you to do well. They are so supportive it will be a shame to finish it as I will miss their happy input to our Class every week. The classes are varied, interesting and I've always felt compelled to attend as I didn't want to miss out on any input. Da iawn!!! read full review