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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Bristol, University of the West of England

The best experience is that location and building they got. They have good teacher as well.
It could be improved if they work onwebsite and student portal to make it much easier for students to use. Because they offer 100 of options in website which is complicated. I have heard from many students that they are facing issue with the notification and updates . Some of them were not aware of referencing style, assignment submission deadline and grace period and the crateria of passing marks as well.
They teaching system is best. But what it makes it complicated is the online things which one have to learn before he learns something on educational side. read full review
It’s very nice university in a perfect location, well organized and they care a lot about their students. Facilities are one of a kind. read full review

Cyber Security MSc


Thilini Minthari Sugathapala - March 2022

As a Sri Lankan student, I experienced many facilities in labs and libraries compared to my country. I 'm holding a Master of Information technology already, but I must accept I never got this much of hands-on practicals before. To be honest I felt I haven't learned much from my previous degrees until I learned from the UWE staff. I'm glad I chose UWE and I really love the diversification of the subject areas and hands-on practical-based learning.
When it comes to assignments and exams I feel we don't have enough time to focus on them with the deadline as we have to research various topics in terms of success in the exams. This makes me feel exhausted, but I must accept it made me study lot more than my capacity. read full review
As an international student, I think the best aspects is the flexible tuition fee and wonderful campus, student support also great. The worst thing is the timetable, like I'm doing MSc I have to do class 3/4 days in week about 7-9 hours a day. Also getting varsity accommodation is very tough because it is always full. read full review
I was looking forward to coming to England to study in a castle! To my surprise Frenchay campus was quite modern, however Glenside does have more of the Gothic architecture I was expecting. I've found it a little difficult to adapt to student life after returning to university after 10 years, no fault of UWE. I was hoping there would be more social networking opportunities especially during the week. Unfortunately I live quite a way from UWE and have yet to attend an on campus social. However, the facilities are pretty great, I especially love that there are nooks all around campus to either relax or study without necessarily having to go to the library. I would request that consideration be placed in equipping classrooms with power outlets for laptop charging (Q block). UWE's Student Union is amazing, wouldn't change a thing about them. read full review
UWE is a great University, and Bower Ashton campus is a warm and calm place for a student, a bit out of the city centre, but the location close to the nature makes up for the distance. There are many facilities for art & design students, and most students have the ability to use most of these facilities when the do they introduction which was great for me. Studying the MAMDP, I have access to all sorts of equipment and technicians are always there to help me out, which to be honest this would cost a fortune and a lot of time to find if it wasn't everything in the campus.

I am satisfied from my supervisor and other technical stuff support, they are professional, patient, and considering of students, even if my request is not an easy task, they will do their best to help out, making experience at uni memorable.

The printmaking facility is a bit old and not the best in looks, but it doesn't really matter as long as we can access all we need. A new workshop space has been developedthe past few months, where we can study, create, chill, or have our lunch break in a warm environment.

I am an MA student so I am not in the mood of a crazy student life at the moment, however I am not old and I know a bunch of stuff going on in Bristol. I mean, is Bristol, there is always something going on really. Only downside of Bristol life is that it has become so popular that rents are very high, as well as going out can costs a lot if you are not careful. Personally, I didn't manage to secure a room in Bristol for my 2nd year so I had to move out elsewhere. I didn't get much help from university for this issue either, but what can I do for that, everybody was in a similar situation.

I haven't had any significant interaction with the student union, they are there indeed but there presence is a bit dull, and the coffee at their cafe is shit really. I had a chat with them about upgrading their cafe's appearance, make it a bit bright and standout with illustrations etc, I could do that tbh, I am a freelance illustrator, but I didn't get a positive response so I left it there. read full review
They really create a student culture that promotes well-being.

They support ethic minority groups through society, international talent schemes and promote inclusion and tolerate no hate speech and prejudice of any kind.

The courses expose students to working environments through mentorship schemes and placement years. read full review
It’s such a supportive place of study and it really feels like the programme leaders want you all there and will do everything they can to see you succeed. read full review
Love the location and the grounds of uni, it’s a nice place to study and sit outside. Worst would be the lack of support from lecturers and programme leader read full review
The experience is too good the environment of uni is quite good and friendly read full review