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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Brunel University London

Course has zero administration – unclear on assignment dates, requirements for certain modules, little support from some lecturers. read full review
Course administration and communication has been a bit patchy and confused at times read full review
The worst experience is having to travel a long distance to university. The best experience is having great supporting system on campus in terms of academics and health related issues. read full review
The courses seem a bit unorganised read full review
I believe the best aspect of my university experience were the activities and societies outside of lectures. I have said to those considering universities that Brunel's campus can be as much or as little as you make of it based on the willingness to engage with the societies. During my time at the university I dabbled in Rock Climbing, Mixed Martial Arts, Judo, and Archery. I was also a contributor to the Film society. Our all night film marathons were amazing.

I believe the worst aspect of the experience would be the poor handling of a student in my halls of residence who tampered with doors and smoked illegal substances on a daily basis. It was only after two months of daily complaints to security and numerous emails to accommodation by most of our flat that it was taken seriously. It didn't have an affect on my opinion of the university as a whole, but it was an exceptionally stressful time (my Master's dissertation period) and it was an unnecessary stress. read full review
So far, I’ve really enjoyed my experience at Brunel. Everyone is very friendly, and there are many campuss and cafes which have spaces for you to catch up with your work and learning. read full review
The physiotherapy programme is very thorough and enjoyable, with great teaching staff and some of the best facilities on campus. The campus does lack a little in terms of social spaces and opportunities for activities. The shared spaces such as the student union building and library are spacious enough but could do with updates in terms of technology and seating areas. Food options are okay but limited during peak hours due to the waiting times/queues. read full review
The physiotherapy program is good read full review
The physiotherapy course is amazing! read full review