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Buckinghamshire New University

By ,Written on Feb 08 , 2019

MBA International Master of Business Administration

Overall Rating

I find the university quite good. It offers many opportunities for study, all the tutors are quite supportive, and I can even tell that a student is in the centre of Bucks ,but the university still lacks consistency that will not influence students’ study, this feature I think needs to be taken into consideration for a better improvement of performance.

Student Union

Clubs and Societies

I have been to the clubs in High Wycombe,but some cafes are really nice and cozy, but it is usually very noisy in the streets.

Uni Facilities

The university has quite a good library where I usually like studying, there are a lot of books for all the areas of study, every floor has a bottle of water for students which means that the university takes care of students ,all the equipment at the university is quite modern and new.

Course and Lecturers

The best thing that I like about my course are useful maturials and stuctured assignments that help me to prepare myself to work in business. The teachers provide some feedback regarding my work and this can help me to evaluate my weaknesses and strengths. All teachers try to implement more videos and articles too that are additional resources for the self-development.

City Life

I do not like High Wycombe at all, it is quite big, but not a cozy city. In addition to it, it is very noisy and not so clean, but I still find some places in High Wycombe very beautiful ,like parks, cafes,restaurants and a shopping centre. But the city has one main advantages - it is very close to London which allows to discover more opportunities in the capital of England without any problems.

Job Prospects

The university has a department where every student can come and have a piece of advice for a good form of CV, the university also sends different articles every week where there is some information about key skills for future career or what people international companies need to have in their team. In addition to it, the university offers study abroad opportunities which can help to have an additional experience in a foreign country and to have good connections for future career.

Student Support

I think that all the tutors are quite supportive and they all are ready to explain more and more to students ,especially the Learning Development Unit is ready to help with the academic writing for foreign students and to understand the system of eduction here. I have used the LDU many times and I am really satisfied with people who work there ,they are always polite and they share some useful thoughts and information with the students.

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