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Meet our 2014 PGS Bursary winners!

When you're applying for a postgrad, every bit of money you can get your hands on helps. Last year we set up the Postgraduate Search Bursary, which consists of 10 different bursaries - spread across different subject categories - worth £1000 each, with the aim of helping 10 students ease the costs of their postgraduate study. We had a large number of strong applications, but in the end we whittled it down to the following 10 winners...

Latest Interview

Emma Furr's Postgraduate Journey: Part 1

Emma Furr's Postgraduate Journey: Part 1

Winner of Part-time/Distance Learning

MA integrative Counselling Psychotherapy and Counselling

University of Roehampton

Added on (13-OCT-15)

Postgraduate bursary winner Emma Furr explains her decision to undertake an MA in Integrative Counselling Psychotherapy at the University of Roehampton. She talks about what it's like to study part-time, what she hopes to do after she's graduated, and what prompted her to undertake a postgraduate course in the first place...

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