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Cardiff University

By ,Written on May 10 , 2020

International Public Relations and Global Communications Management (MA)

Overall Rating

I'd say that the best part about my university experience was the people that I've been fortunate enough to meet. I suppose this could have happened at any institution, and I certainly got lucky. But Cardiff has an excellent reputation, so it's not a surprise that it would attract people who want to study and succeed, but also interact with others. Having said that, I am studying on a communications masters, so my experience will likely be different to other courses!

The academic staff in my school are clearly passionate about their roles, but I have found the standard of teaching to her very hit and miss from lecturer to lecturer. The course is also undergoing a transition in terms of content, and I feel like we definitely got caught in the middle of that.

The university and city both have a fantastic feel about them. I've loved living and studying in Cardiff. It's affordable, and offers an excellent study/life balance. I feel positive about my job prospects - despite Covid-19 - and feel proud to have the university on my CV.

Student Union

The SU is very vocal regarding student representation, and I appreciate that. They have been particularly communicative during the Covid-19 pandemic, finding new and creative ways to reach the students. My school is housed in one of the newest buildings, so the facilities are very modern. There have definitely been teething issues with some aspects of the building, but the University seems to be quite responsive to this. The SU has all the facilities you could need, and is currently being extended. I would say that the campus could use more libraries, as the main 24 hour ones, do get really busy around deadline times.

Clubs and Societies

Cardiff University has a lot of societies and sports to choose from. I joined the Archery society, and really enjoyed taking part in the beginners sessions. I gained a new, fun, and very interesting skill! I also set up a society with a group of friends, and found the process to be fairly straight forward.


The cost of my accommodation is fantastic. Rent and bills come to £300, which is very affordable. Given that I am studying a masters, and do not have a maintenance loan, it was important to find accommodation which did not break the budget, and Cardiff definitely has a lot of good options at reasonable prices. The condition is fine - not luxurious, but not in disrepair. It is quite basic, but I am spending most of my time studying and socialising with friends, so only really go back to the house to eat and sleep. The location is perfect for me, since it's a five minute walk from the local shops and a bus station. Its a fifteen minute walk from the main university campus, and a thirty minute walk from my school. I generally feel safe where I am. The area is populated with a mixture of students and families. I have heard of nearby areas being targeted for burglaries etc, but my road appears to have been fortunate. I've always felt safe walking around at night, although I did once have a man on a bike try and steal my mobile phone from my hand. Luckily I managed to hold on. I think, if you chose to live in a city, you have to be fairly realistic about crime, and just be sensible.

Uni Facilities

Already answered under SU facilities - sorry!

Course and Lecturers

Unfortunately, the teaching for the majority of our second semester has taken place online due to Covid-19, and it hasn't really worked for our course subject. So, I'll review in terms of first year.

The course consists of lectures and workshops. It would definitely benefit from the inclusion of seminars, since there isn't really a space in which to discuss and process learning. All assignments are formative, and it would be good to have some summative assignments in order to check progress before being marked on learning.

City Life

My school is a thirty minute walk from my house, and right in the city centre. So it's great for local amenities, and public transport.

Job Prospects

There is a careers development with a skills service. We've had a member of the careers team give our course a talk, and I've been to see them regarding a business idea. They were very supportive.

Student Support

The academic team has been really good at offering learning and career development support. The University counselling and wellbeing service wait times are far too long, and a lot of at risk students could be missing out, sadly.

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