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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Cardiff University

-Cardiff uni provides great education with reknowed teachers
-The uni is located in a city where there is a great part lf student and young people
-The student union gives good support to the students (emotional and adviser)
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The university provides us with various study areas which I often go to catch up with work and do my assignments. I find it hard to work in my own room so being able to have a change of scenery is nice. I particularly love the student union- it has everything a student would ever need and I really enjoy going to ‘y Plas’ for a night out as a break from studying. There’s a lot of support from the university too. During first semester we had a student mentor that helped us with settling in and finance etc. we also have tutor groups where we meet every so often to chat about how things are going. One thing I would say that could be improved is the accommodation. My room is very small compared to a lot of my friends at different universities and in my particular flat we don’t have a lounge area which would be nice to socialise. I do still enjoy my flat though and the quality of our facilities are great. read full review
Love the enthusiasm the professors bring in while studying. Would have been great if the classes were planned properly in terms of the timetable. Also, more mandatory activities for post graduates to enhance our skills would be nice read full review
I found this average as the teaching quality in both matsh n computer science schools needs improvement read full review
Everything is amazing. They’ve the best facilities, the best student support. So glad I chose Cardiff University for my Masters :) read full review
The best thing is having many facilities open and all week with heating.
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Philosophy (MA)


Jordan - March 2023

The university has its ups and downs, some buildings are maintained very well, others not so much so. Most staff are very friendly and approachable and makes for better experiences. The SU is handy and has mostly anything you need, and the location overall is fab, since its easy to go to town, or is often very local to home, and your always in the vicinity of other students which is great. The Student wellbeing centre is quite good as well, they try their best to provide what they can for the students, and it's quite clear as a university there is some care over its students. However the universities biggest problem is the lack of organisation, we never know when things are happening, so our exams - when are they? We don't know! Or if there's been any changes regarding industrial action, we don't know. read full review
The actual university is in a great location close to town, public transport and clubs. Additionally I think it’s in a very safe area. Finally the SU nights are great and much cheaper compared to other clubs. However, the main downfall is the accommodation, as mine is situated quite far away and other accommodation is quite small compared to other universities. Despite this the accommodation is relatively affordable and most is situated close to the university. read full review
If student accommodation was closer to the university, or a bus pass was available at discounted rates. read full review

Music (MA)


Juliaana - February 2023

Great, inviting atmosphere. Good and friendly staff. Lots of music related activities.

I wish there would be more activities for exchange students, something where to meet other exchanges students more easily. read full review