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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Cardiff University

I'd say that the best part about my university experience was the people that I've been fortunate enough to meet. I suppose this could have happened at any institution, and I certainly got lucky. But Cardiff has an excellent reputation, so it's not a surprise that it would attract people who want to study and succeed, but also interact with others. Having said that, I am studying on a communications masters, so my experience will likely be different to other courses!

The academic staff in my school are clearly passionate about their roles, but I have found the standard of teaching to her very hit and miss from lecturer to lecturer. The course is also undergoing a transition in terms of content, and I feel like we definitely got caught in the middle of that.

The university and city both have a fantastic feel about them. I've loved living and studying in Cardiff. It's affordable, and offers an excellent study/life balance. I feel positive about my job prospects - despite Covid-19 - and feel proud to have the university on my CV. read full review
I like it here. The place is nice and the people are nice. Overall a good experience for a one year program. Not sure I’d stay on for a PhD though, the programs lack diversity. read full review
Good first term. Has been slightly difficult settling into an entirely different university experience. The course is amazing and has created opportunities to socialise with coursemates. read full review
Great experience, lots of opportunities, and quality campus, facilities and services. Location is ideal wherever you are placed. Accommodation is one of the cheapest in the UK and the SU has been nominated numerous times for its services and facilities. read full review


Anonymous - December 2019

read full review
Really enjoying university. read full review
Cardiff university is brilliant, coming here has given me my life back! I think it is fantastic and so much better than where I did my undergrad (UWE). I am very happy with the experience. read full review


Student Reviewer - October 2018

Too short time "9 weeks" read full review