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City, University of London

By ,Written on Jan 14 , 2020

Bar Vocational Studies (Full-time and Part-time) LLM/PGDip/PGDip with Specialism

Overall Rating

Like all other courses in any other universities, I struggled a bit when the course started. As time passes I got used to the well organised time table and things started to go smoothly than before. It is great to have decent talks from lecturers and tutors and know about real life problems that we might face when we start working. The BPTC course in City is wholly amazing.

Student Union

Great. I recieve updated frequently about exiting events from the students' unions.

Clubs and Societies


Uni Facilities

Good but not perfect yet. We failed to obtain a microwave in the common room because a different type of current/electronic system is needed?

Course and Lecturers

The way lectures and tutorials were conducted effectively.
Least : heavy work load squeezed in one whole week which makes us unable to produce a 100% effort work

City Life

Fairly yes. It is near to the Inns and it's very convenient for students who wants to study in the libraries after classes or attend important events of the Inns.

Job Prospects

They provide CV check services. Talks were held to help us out on applications of pupillage and also tips on what to expect during job interviews.

Student Support

Useful. Resolutions or attempted resolutions would be informed to the students via email almost immediately. The staffs are never reluctant to help out when students need personal supports.

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