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Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management

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Online | London School of Planning and Management | 6 months | Contact University

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6 months

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Professional Certificate

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Policy / Strategic Planning Management (General)

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The Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management is a highly sought-after program designed for professionals looking to enhance their strategic leadership skills and make significant contributions to their organizations. This comprehensive course equips learners with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop and execute effective strategic plans, analyze business environments, and drive organizational success.

Through this certificate program, participants gain a deep understanding of strategic management principles, including strategic analysis, strategic decision-making, and strategic implementation. They learn how to assess internal and external factors influencing organizational performance and develop strategies that align with organizational goals.

This certificate is ideal for mid to senior-level managers, executives, and entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their strategic thinking and decision-making abilities. It is also suitable for individuals aspiring to leadership positions and those looking to transition into strategic management roles.

By completing the Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management, participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate complex business landscapes, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Invest in your professional development and unlock new opportunities for career advancement with this esteemed certificate program.


Finance for Strategic Managers - Core

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Possession of a bachelors degree or UK level 6 diploma or an equivalent overseas qualification OR; 5 years work experience.