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Accounting and Financial Management MSc

Accounting and Financial Management MSc

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1.5 years

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MSc - Master of Science

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Course Summary

This MSc enables students to engage with and contribute meaningfully to financial decision making within their current or future organisations, and understand from a financial management perspective wider corporate governance issues and the responsibilities of company directors.

This online programme provides students with an opportunity to acquire, develop and apply master’s level knowledge, understanding and skills within accounting, financial management, and strategic contexts.

The programme draws on the expertise of the School of Management team at UCL who have designed and delivered a range of accounting, finance and management related courses, both on campus and online.

By studying this programme, students will:

  • develop an understanding of financial ideas, models and techniques appropriate for solutions to management challenges.
  • understand and apply financial ideas and frameworks within the sphere of financial reporting, the arena of management accounting, and the field of financial management.
  • understand the strategic dimension when applying specific financial models and techniques to support both decision making and routine operations.
  • understand the complex internal and external relationships for organisations when management make decisions.
  • develop an analytical, critical, and reflective mindset relating to matters financial.

Career opportunities

This programme is appropriate for those wishing to develop their knowledge of and exposure to technical elements of accounting and financial management and their applications within corporate life, from both operational and strategic perspectives.

You will develop an understanding of the areas that finance managers would encounter on a daily basis, complemented by engagements with selected specialist issues.

In some countries, qualifications earned by distance and flexible learning may not be recognised by certain authorities or regulators for the purposes of public sector employment or further study. We advise you to explore the local recognition status before you register.


Financial Accounting Frameworks (FAF) [AFM010 (15 Credits) - Core
Management Accounting Frameworks (MAF) [AFM020] (15 Credits) - Core
Financial Management Essentials (FME) [AFM030] (15 Credits) - Core
Advanced Financial Analysis (AFA) [AFM040] (15 Credits) - Core
Advanced Management Accounting (AMA) [AFM050] (15 Credits) - Core
Corporate Governance, Audit and Assurance (CGAA) [AFM060] (15 Credits) - Core
Global Issues in Finance and Accounting (GIFA) [AFM070] (15 Credits) - Core
Analysing Risk for Decision Making (ARDM) [AFM080] (15 Credits) - Core
Issues in Investment Management (IIM) [AFM090] (15 Credits) - Core
Capital Markets and Global Perspectives (CMGP) [AFM100] (15 Credits) - Core
Capstone Project [AFM500] (30 Credits) - Core

Tuition fees

UK fees
Course fees for UK students

Band A Full programme fee: £10176; 15 credit module fee: £848; 30 credit module fee: £1696. Band B Full programme fee: £13776; 15 credit module fee: £1148; 30 credit module fee/ dissertation module fee £2296.

International fees
Course fees for EU and international students

Band A Full programme fee: £10176; 15 credit module fee: £848; 30 credit module fee: £1696. Band B Full programme fee: £13776; 15 credit module fee: £1148; 30 credit module fee/ dissertation module fee £2296.

Entry requirements

To qualify to register for the MSc you will need a bachelor degree which is considered at least comparable to a UK upper second class honours degree from an institution acceptable to the University.