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Global Citizenship and Sustainable Leadership (MA, PGDip, PGCert)

Global Citizenship and Sustainable Leadership (MA, PGDip, PGCert)

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2 years

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MA - Master of Arts

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Social Ethics Sustainability Leadership

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Course Summary

The MA Global Citizenship and Sustainable Leadership is an interdisciplinary programme prepared to provide a unique leaning experience for students to develop intercultural literacy and leadership skills and to engage with the key challenges of the 21st century.

This innovative programme, developed between the Wales Global Academy and the Institute of Education and Humanities, draws upon the interdisciplinary context of the University’s work to enable students to develop skills, knowledge and social awareness of Global Citizenship by asking questions about empowerment and leadership, social and historical narratives and culture, and identity and dialogue.

Why choose this course?

You will engage with a wide range of subjects to confront the key challenges to society in our contemporary world

You will explore key 21st century challenges from multiple perspectives, and develop understanding of how to interact and engage with different cultures from across the world

You will engage in collaborative learning with students from around the world

You will benefit from the engagement with expert scholars from multiple fields drawn from our specialist interdisciplinary research centres.

Course Overview

This programme offers an opportunity for students to engage critically with a number of key 21st century issues, such as the need for a resilient Global Citizenship, Empowerment and Leadership, Contested Histories, and Critical Approaches to Culture. In addition, the programme assists students in developing the necessary skills to make a difference within their communities, such as intercultural literacy and leadership skills.

The modules adopt a largely critical humanities approach to matters of relevance to global citizenship in the contemporary world, exploring and adopting a number of critical frames in order to interrogate subjects like the legacy of violence, colonisation, environmental degradation, and social displacement. Individual modules and project elements root this approach within areas of particular interest to students.

This critical and humanities orientation of the programme provides a unique aspect to the University’s offer in this area, and further develops strong research and teaching at this level in the Institute of Education and Humanities. This degree actively seeks to engage with diverse communities/individuals to develop a platform for interdisciplinary work which we believe to be vital for a sustainable and harmonious world for today and future generations.

Career Opportunities

This programme aims to develop students’ intellectual independence and critical engagement in connection with global citizenship and sustainable leadership.

Course Length: Full-time MA: 2 years Part-time MA: 4 years Full-time PGDip: 1 year Part-time PGDip: 3 years Full-time PGCert: 6 months Part-time PGCert: 2 years


This module provides an opportunity to critically examine the complexity of global systems, the current challenges in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the student’s own individual role and contributions as a global citizen.
MA Dissertation

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Entry requirements

Applicants are expected to have a good first degree (a first or upper second), although every application is considered on its own merit, so places may be offered on the basis of professional qualification and relevant experiences. Candidates with a lower degree classification or no degree may be admitted at Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma level, with an opportunity to upgrade to Master’s level if satisfactory progress is made.