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Full time | Writtle University College | 1 year | SEP

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1 year

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MA - Master of Arts

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Garden Design

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This course provides professional garden design education for graduates with a bachelor's degree with honours, other than landscape architecture/garden design who wish to become professional garden designers. If you have a degree in geography, biology, horticulture, environmental science, arts, interior architecture or architecture, you are suitable to apply to this programme. In addition, we have successful graduates who came from diverse backgrounds and varied careers, such as teachers, managers, theatre set designers, artists, scientists and many more.

In order to apply to this course, you should select ’Master of Landscape Architecture Programme’, as the first year is shared by conversion landscape architecture and garden design students. The curriculum is based on the necessary set of skills and knowledge that both groups share and learn together in a variety of modules ranging from planting design and ecological principles, design studios and construction. In this year you will learn spatial design principles in our design studios while also working in our campus-wide outdoor studios and glass houses.

This course is the progression year (2nd year) for conversion students who wish to become garden designers.

In addition, it is suitable for students with a BSc/BA Hons Landscape Architecture or Garden Design degree, and is designed to increase the student's professional skills in the theoretical and practical aspects of the garden design discipline, with an emphasis on promoting gardens and landscapes that are designed with the principles of sustainability, ecological and social health and well-being, and historic and cultural interpretation, conservation and management.

Graduates will gain the intellectual, organisational, communication and technical skills and tools needed in a profession that must understand and create gardens and designed landscapes through social, cultural, ecological and economic implications of sites, communities and regions .

Career possibilities for graduates include working for garden design practices, private or public organisations and gardens, community-led outreach work, writing and media projects, and teaching in the fields of garden design.


This module begins with a broad introduction to research in which students will identify an appropriate research approach in the context of their individual aspirations and, where applicable, their professional role. A prerequisite to this is attendance at the postgraduate induction/PDP event where a community of practice is developed with an understanding of the student's role in research and professional practice. The module introduces students to research and research methods from the perspectives of the researcher, research manager or managerial user. The module will discuss the research process of: identifying issues and problems; specifying research; collecting and processing primary and secondary data and information; analyzing findings and producing conclusions, recommendations and suggestions for further investigation. Emphasis will be placed on methods that are objective, systematic, reliable, valid, ethical, effective and efficient. Guidance will also be given on the preparation of research papers and reports. This module will prepare students for dealing with research in all modules and in particular the Dissertation module. Taught postgraduates from all disciplines will initially share a generic overview that is appropriate for a postgraduate understanding of research and the methods that underpin it. Thereafter, the students will devolve to tutors in their discipline to deal with the curriculum content in greater, contextualized detail. The greater part of the assessment will be applied to learning from this second part of the module.

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Entry requirements

Candidates from the United Kingdom higher education sector will normally hold a first honours degree at 2.1 or above in the fields of architecture, geography, environmental studies, art, interior design or history. Prospective students with a first honours degree at 2.1 or above in another discipline but with significant work experience in garden design or related areas will also be considered for entrance on the masters' programme.