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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London

Overall, my experience at this university has been pretty good. I’ve enjoyed working closely with my professor and dissertation supervisor as the structure of my course provided mostly 1:1 teaching/ working in a small seminar or tutorial format. I’ve had the chance to interact with several professionals in my field over Zoom conferences and write about arts-based topics that interest me.

However, due to the pandemic, I have missed out on a great deal of research, exhibition and travel opportunities that are usually offered on my course. The library at my university has been very helpful at extending existing online resources and purchasing new ones. However, due to the nature of my course interacting mostly with academic material that has not been digitised, when the library was closed during the various lockdowns over this academic year, it was extremely difficult to conduct research.

The course also runs for 9 months which is unusual for most MA courses in the UK of my subject. As a result, a great deal of my work on this course was quite rushed and I would have liked more time to research and write my dissertation. Perhaps extending the course to 12 months would benefit future students. read full review