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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Coventry University London

Really happy to be the part of Coventry University London and availing a great opportunity as working as a Student Ambassador. Overall it is a great experience. read full review

MBA Global Business


Student Reviewer - October 2016

It has been mixed so far.
The marking and grading system is very erratic and when a student makes a submission you never know what the results are going to be like depending on the tutor or assessor. You could submit a world class work and you would get a weak pass for it and if you are friendly with the tutor it could turn to a distinction. After the marking is over there is no one to address students grievances. You just give up after countless number of emails and all you get are generic emails from the registry. read full review
This is the worst so called " university" ever. Most of tutors are part time, which means when you have real problems, they won't care. They all have their own companies, and they need your money to support their business. They don't have any good academic background at all. There is no student support or student union at all. So if your still want to get " educated" here, free feel to, but contact with some current and former students for some feedbacks then make the right decision. The programes claimed that there will be internships at the end, but the reality is that there is no such a thing. You only end up with "projects" and " dissertations." and the projects are more likely to help those tutors companies for free. So it is up to you to be the next fool. read full review