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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Coventry University London

I loved almost everything here, the only issue I had was the blended learning. If only covid didn’t exist, this wouldn’t have been much of a problem. Other than that, I had a great time read full review
London campus is just a building and in a tight space but have all the facilities ,someone coming to enjoy college life would be restricted between four walls,

It could be improved to have more space and free food read full review
Being an international student entails travelling to the  another country and exploring it.
Obtaining a degree enhances your career opportunities, but it is not the only advantage of attending university. Your degree will not only provide you with the technical knowledge for your dream job, but it will also teach you the necessary soft skills to thrive in the workplace. This ability to communicate with others will have been developed at university if you were required to give presentations at some point during your studies. It helps to improve your ability to interact with others face to face. At university, you'll have met a large number of people, many of whom come from very different backgrounds than your own which helps you to gain knowledge more. University has developed a lot more things in myself and I am glad for that. read full review

Management MSc


Lourdes Dilakshini - April 2022

It's a great place to study which gives us a good atmosphere inside and outside the university. And the staff are very pleasant and kind. They are encouraging the students in their academic and career life. Even if it's small, it gave a very good book to read....that's our library. read full review
Bad Staff, teaching quality low. read full review
Small university, staff know everyone by name, it's super personal and comfortable to bring any issues or questions forward.
The student union could be improved, I know many larger universities have clubs and sports, and I would like to see a uni yoga club or anything that has sports. read full review
Best part is it is centrally located in the heart of the city. Good infrastructure, class rooms are big and bright. Helpful staff and good facilities. read full review
The best part is the staff which is highly professional and helpful. The worst part was pandemic as it was not University's fault and I did not enjoy qnd learned as per my expectations . Overall I am not satisfied with the location of University coz whenever (very few time) i visited university for meetings (final year thesis) I struggled to get into the right place or room . read full review
The academic team is super helpful & supportive. There are no student union or interactive sessions. read full review