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Coventry University

By ,Written on Jun 16 , 2020

MBA with Marketing specialism

Overall Rating

I want the last year of my life back. Honestly, save your time and go somewhere better. The teaching is poor, the experience is terrible and the overall communication from the uni is none existent. We were treated like inventory. They're just interested in bums on seats, not what happens after you are through the door.

Student Union

We had problems with our course and the union told us to just accept it. The only good thing about it is the canteen has some nice food.

Clubs and Societies

Very poor for postgraduates. The uni didn't provide an induction and finding societies was difficult.

Uni Facilities

They may be good when they are finished but they are in a constant state of construction.

Course and Lecturers

On an MBA you want experienced lecturers who have real experience of business. But we had 3 lecturers who were so poor students walked out of their class. One who was teaching supply chain was a late 20s postgrad student whose only work experience was in a petrol station. When one student complained about poor quality of teaching a lecturer screamed at him in front of the class. We had to issue a formal complaint to the University ombudsman and are awaiting a decision about compensation.

City Life

Job Prospects

Incredibly, incredibly poor on this front. I had to wait several weeks for an interview with the departments employment liason and they told me they didn't have anything for someone with my skillset.

Student Support

There was zero counselling, zero support, and zero information about where to find any.

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