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Cranfield University

By ,Written on Sep 09 , 2017

Management MSc (MiM)

Overall Rating

Overall, my experience at Cranfield was excellent.

I chose the course at this University mainly for the internship and while it wasn't perfect, I met some great people, made good contacts, was paid a respectable salary (living wage) and was supported excellently in writing my dissertation. In hindsight, my course was maybe more academic and less practical than I expected, but I certainly feel much more equipped with business acumen and have come out with a very good Masters degree from a top University.

Student Union

The Student Union was a great place to meet new people and have fun in the evenings. Food and drinks were really well priced and staff were friendly. Highlights for me were live sport almost very night (including a great event held for the Super Bowl) and Karaoke nights. There were loads of clubs too, but I didnt feel like I needed them to meet new people and to organise activities.
I would not recommend Cranfield if you are looking for a wild nightlife. There is no club (as far as I know), but there are two student pubs on the campus.

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Clubs and Societies

There are many which I was tempted to join, but never found the time.


My accommodation was based in Cranfield village and was a little pricey. I would recommend staying in Uni accommodation, as there is a range of options and prices available. Also, proximity to the gym and sports facilities are a big plus.

Uni Facilities

Facilities were excellent. The sports hall and gym were well equipped and pretty quiet in the afternoons and evenings (except for the clubs (handball, football etc...).
In class, lecturers made use of multiple screens and other resources to present and online tech to share files, readings and lecture notes with us.
When writing my dissertation I found that the University provided access to all the journals and books I needed (usually in electronic form).
Computer labs were well equipped too, unfortunately I never got an opportunity to use the Bloomberg suite.

Course and Lecturers

Overall, the level of teaching and pedagogy was excellent and provided many opportunities for presentation, group work, leadership and one-to-one support. This is especially true of the accounting module, marketing module, managing business tech and entrepreneurship modules.

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City Life

Cranfield is not a city, it is a village in Bedfordshire. However, Milton Keynes is nearby and has a shops, clubs, cinemas and an art gallery etc.

Job Prospects

The internship was the deciding factor for me in choosing this course and overall I was pleased with the outcome.

The School of Management put a huge effort in connecting with many businesses across the UK appropriate for students. This was a two-way process which took into account the preferences of students. I know from a friend at another University that negotiating terms with businesses for individual contracts is a difficult process. All students in my year took an internship (including several in FTSE 100 companies, well known consultancies and SMEs), the vast majority were paid and some of them were offered permanent contracts at the end of their 3-months. My personal experience was very good and I felt extremely welcome at the company, although I feel that my role at the company could have been more challenging and could have given me more transferable skills.

The careers service is a lifetime one and is supposedly very good although I have not yet engaged with it.

Student Support

Most module lecturers made time for meaningful one-to-one support in class and/or responded quickly to emails. Feedback on exams and assignments was reasonably quick. Apparently there was a good counselling service but I did not need it.
Since I have finished the course, communication had been limited and perhaps the Careers Service could be a little more proactive, although I appreciate this is more my responsibility.

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