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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at De Montfort University


H - December 2018

The classrooms done not ready enough, such as white board, table and chairs read full review
Welcoming and diverse read full review
I try how to critical thinking for my study to evaluate widely about many cases with different perceptions and opinions. I get opportunity to improve my English language rather than in my own country read full review

English MA


Student Reviewer - August 2018

It’s left me traumatised mentally. I have been bullied, harassed when I was late with my fees to the point I have told them I am looking at legal action, openly mocked on campus because of the way I look due to disabilities, been patronised more times than I care to mention and just really had my eyes opened that literally all universities care about is money and who makes them the most (clue- 18 year old undergrads) read full review


I - February 2018

Everything is going nice read full review
I haven't really has an experience. Neutral read full review
Only here 1 day a week
Not fully having an experience read full review