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Edge Hill University

By ,Written on Dec 18 , 2018

MRes Masters by Research

Overall Rating

My experience at the university has been really good hence the fact I have decided to continue with postgraduate study. However, I do think that the graduate schools is ran very poorly and could be coordinated a lot better, they don't seem to converse with supervisors or give out the appropriate documents which has made life a lot harder for students and supervisors.

Student Union

I think the students' union is good but I don't get involved as it has never interested me.

Clubs and Societies

The clubs and societies are good as far as I am aware, I never joined one but I know lots of people who did.

Uni Facilities

My university has some exceptional facilities, the library is amazing and I think this really impacts on how well you do at university as better facilities mean you can engage at university better.

Course and Lecturers

I like the way I am working closely with my supervisors, who are extremely talented in their topic area.

City Life

My university isn't situated in a city, so I think my experience of university would be a lot more different than students who go to city universities.

Job Prospects

They are really good with this, as you are able to make appointments at the career centre in order to find out which job area you would like to go into and how you can access these areas. They also provide workshops for developing employability skills and other areas such as developing your CV and personal statement. Furthermore, on my Masters course we are encouraged to make the most of what the University has to offer by going to sessions they provide, and working with your supervisor to develop skills.

Student Support

The support at university is exceptionally good, not only are we offered support from supervisors but from other people at university as well. I think this is important as sometimes you may not want your supervisors to know you are struggling to cope, so by knowing there are other people to talk to you may feel less alone. However, I am not sure how I would access other support networks in the university so I can't comment on how easy it is to get other support.

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