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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Edinburgh Napier University

My lecturers are very resourceful. The Library has a very good feel to it. It's location is wonderful as all of it's campus are close to the city centre. The classrooms could be walked upon for larger classes. And the students Union should also be more engaging. I'm also interested in playing football but the football team doesn't seem inclusive to international students. That aspect should really be improved upon. read full review
One of the main and interested things that in this university while other university is the free breakfast services because many of the students are facing certain issues related to the food and facing issues for living conditions so I think it definitely a good help for students and even me too.

Worst aspect

About my campus ( craiglockhart) there some problems I want to face that if there any paper work is needed or any further updation we want to go to another campus of this university, and many of my friends also noticed this problem they also fee unsatisfactory towards this problem.So this is the only problem that I want to face read full review
Facilities are great at Napier Murchison. read full review
Very helpful faculty always ready to clear the doubts. Am personally interested in the strategic project management which is a unique course and available in few universities. Structure of the course is very nice and finds its application in real world problems. Library is well equipped with reading material.

I would recommend if university can provide merit based scholarships to international students, as it is available only for EU and Uk students as of now. read full review
Firstly the best experience is that you found here a lot of diversity of international students with different behaviour in terms of experience I am at The business school and love the view from the classroom 2/17 everyone is so helpful in each way.

The bad one I never face till now

I love my university. read full review

MSc Computing


Annabell - February 2023

Getting laptops to students who doesn’t have and also how to improve, we will like that the fees payment plan be flexible read full review
It is great because there is a lot of space to study (Craiglockhart and Merchiston).
Craiglockhart Campus should have a child care space so mothers/fathers won't have the necessity to bring their children to class.
The cafeteria should be open more hours.
On my first trimester (sep-dec), i felt cold on the common areas (Craiglockhart) read full review
The university's Edinburgh campus, Craiglockhart, is equally spectacular. The campus is more modern than others, with everything we need to succeed in our studies, it is located in a beautiful setting, and access to public transit is convenient. The instructors and staff are also really helpful, allowing us to concentrate on our work and assuring that we have no doubts or concerns along the road. The university of Edinburgh is the university of choice in Scotland.
Thankyou read full review