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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Falmouth University

It is a great place to study arts and creative courses, the location is beautiful and destressing. I just we had more studio sessions and a studio of our own. read full review
That’s an amazing university, I loved my time here. read full review
The overall experience of taking the PGCHE at Falmouth University was amazing and all too short: just 2 terms.

During this intense period, the tutors' expertise in delivering this course fully online and their motivation and enthusiasm shone through, keeping our cohort engaged and helping us to do the best we could. read full review

Entrepreneurship MSc


Student Reviewer - January 2021

If you want to waste 1-3 years of your youth ... there you go sign up. Otherwise I'd recommend going for a different course and even a different uni all together. read full review

Professional Writing MA


Clementine - December 2019

Very good read full review
It's good but I don't have to come in to uni very often and I feel a little bit removed from it occasionally. read full review
Enjoying the course but there is definitely room for improvement, time management is definitely an issue read full review
Stayed here to do a Masters so good enough to convince me to do another year. read full review


Esme - December 2019

I have really enjoyed and would recommend the uni despite a few flaws read full review