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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Glasgow Caledonian University

It has been really good. Made lots of friends and the life outside of university is really fun. I enjoy my time in class, however feel I learn more during my practice placement education. The theory we learn in class comes to life through placement and allows for further skill development. The skills developed through placement will advance my existing skill set from the theory based educational setting of the classroom to allow me to succeed in my future profession. The library is very accessible with many resources that allow me to further succeed in my studies. The LDC offers many educational sessions as well as one-to-one sessions you can book to help enable success. The professors do make themselves available and care about your success if you approach them. I would rather have a different learning style in which we are graded on more than one assignment, to have more ability to showcase our different skill set. read full review
Great. I want to come back for higher education and go for my PhD here at Glasgow Caledonian University. The teachers support me a lot with course work and for personal growth read full review


Annon - February 2019

It's challenging but interesting at the same time read full review
GCU is a really nice arrangement of buildings and very clean and modern. Great course read full review